Siralim 3 - Patch 0.1.0 released!

  • MAJOR: Nemesis Creatures have been added to the game. These are packs of powerful enemies that you’ll find in realms after completing the main storyline. Each pack has a certain “affix” that grants them unique powers. There are currently 15 affixes in the game, and more will be added over time. Nemesis Creatures drop items when defeated, in addition to increased experience points, resources, and a chance to obtain exclusive rewards.
  • ADD: Tutorial message for Nemesis Creatures now appears after completing the main storyline.
  • ADD: Sigil property that increases number of Nemesis Creatures now works.
  • CHANGE: Erebyss now sells the “Summon Death” gem at rank 2 rather than “Desecrate” to help Death Mages out toward the beginning of the game.
  • FIX: I fixed enemies running through walls yesterday, but not Treasure Golems. Now Treasure Golems won’t run through walls either. Notice how I didn’t classify the Treasure Golem as an enemy. That’s because they’re not your enemies - they’re your friends.
  • FIX: “Overheal” (Life Mage perk) wasn’t working at all.
  • FIX: “Luminesce” (Life Mage perk) had a few small bugs.
  • FIX: More cases where the sigil properties that prevent buffs or debuffs was ignored.
  • FIX: Talisman with initials “LR” wasn’t working correctly.
  • FIX: Name didn’t exist for a sigil property so it looked like a blank property in your inventory. (Should have been “Enemies Copy Your Traits”)
  • FIX: Small display issues related to health/mana bars in battle.
  • FIX: Minor display issue in the library book “List: Traits”.
  • FIX: Typo in Necrotic Clutcher’s lore.

I had Overheal since Level 20 and doesn´t notice that it isn´t working.

Sometimes I´am so proud about myself.

Congratulations Zack! 0.1.0 Seems like a major milestone!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot about this! Congrats!

When are we getting siralim 3 on android?

No date has been announced for Android, but it will probably happen after Siralim leaves Early Access later this year.

There are a bunch of end-game features still too be implemented between now and 1.0.0 (end of Early Access), so it will be a while before the Android release.