Siralim 3 - Patch 0.1.10 released!

  • ADD: Saia’s artifact traits now display the number of kills needed to gain another stat point. Also changed the descriptions of these traits to be more clear/accurate.
  • CHANGE: Pandemonium Tokens can no longer be used if more than 20 packs of enemies exist in the realm at the same time.
  • CHANGE: Inventory menu no longer closes when you receive an item from a Pandemonium Token.
  • CHANGE: Charms can no longer spawn Nemesis Creatures.
  • CHANGE: Balance pass on Sigil bonuses. Overall, bonuses are now much higher.
  • CHANGE: Sigil property “No Avatars” temporarily gives no bonuses because they aren’t implemented yet anyway.
  • CHANGE: Cards are now instantly added to your inventory when acquired. This means that you can’t lose them even if your party is wiped out. Talismans already had this functionality.
  • CHANGE: Updated tutorial and library text to reflect the change mentioned above.
  • CHANGE: Tripled the cost and payout of all Gambling Dwarf games.
  • CHANGE: Removed the option to disable tutorial messages. Too many people were missing important information about the game.
  • CHANGE: Added floating text to a few objects in Zonte’s realm.
  • FIX: Sigil property “Copy Traits” wasn’t implemented.
  • FIX: When you activated a realm-long debuff for enemies, Stun lasted for up to 4 turns. Stun duration when applied in this manner has been reduced to 1 turn.
  • FIX: Rounding issue when converting resources.
  • FIX: Display issue for item description of LF talisman.
  • FIX: Cloud Storage menu had some inconsistency with its controls and menu navigation.
  • FIX: “Arachnophobia” trait wasn’t working.
  • FIX: Most likely fixed a bug that could cause the inventory filter to switch to “Talismans” after using a Pandemonium Token.
  • FIX: Sigil modification interface didn’t display the correct cost, since the cost was adjusted yesterday.
  • FIX: “Eno” Rune wasn’t working.
  • FIX: Itherian Artifacts that granted traits that enhanced specific types of artifacts should now work.
  • FIX: “Unbreakable” trait also had a healing effect that wasn’t stated in the description. This has been removed as it wasn’t intended to be there.
  • FIX: Gladiator’s Bane talisman sometimes didn’t work correctly.
  • FIX: Bugs/crashes related to trap spells.
  • FIX: Fixed some inaccurate NPC dialog in post-story content.
  • FIX: Menu selection wasn’t returning to “Save Game” option if you cancelled the save process.

Is there a some way to know what talismans currently work? Maybe make a sticky or indicate it in game (not working on talismans that doesnt work or different color of text on those that does/doesnt) - at the moment its quite difficult to decide what to upgrade and even to tell if something works. Cuz for instance, by GB i thought another GB was meant (your post of patch 0.37) and did it quite a bit :stuck_out_tongue:

The gambling dwarfs are all charging 300, but their text still says they’re charging 100. The payouts for Think Fast and Treasure Hunt haven’t changed for me, either. (I’m on 0.1.11)