Siralim 3 - Patch 0.1.12 released!

EDIT: well spawning itherian creatures thas S rank for me in normal realms AND making em unextractable is defnitely either a bug or some feature undisclosed earlier (since we had a sentence that you can always extract from itherian creatures, later it was compromised a lil by the fact that in nemesis group/special battle you cant)

E2: cant also extract from singular creatures i cant normally extract from (unicorn stormbringer was showing 0 chance and didnt allow an attempt)

Thats introduced a few weird things for me

  1. im literally swarmed by hundreds of new mobs (around lv 200 normal realm/150 itherian)

  2. i cant extract from 99% of them, despite i have bred some of them earlier (library/anything else dont clearly state what do you need to extract: breed and knowledge rank X (is it at least the same for all creatures)? OR breed x times, or pure knowledge rank w/o breeding would be nuff?) Think it will settle over time but now its not uncommon to get 6group with 1-2 extractible mobs :stuck_out_tongue:

  3. sometimes i see itherian creatures in normal realms now, cant extract from them though
    EDIT: actually it now happends often, can have up to 3 unextratable itherians per battle, one is a common sight. Maybe there is some boss behind em that causes all the spawns and forfeits extracts. Anyway usually 5++up to 10 creatures met that way, an some of them never met before, award S rank, all s41t still unextractable so maybe a side effect of sorts.

  4. well charms became even less useful,

since in S2 you could defeat 5x groups to call a nemesis, here 1-2 charms spawned 1 group as is, now charms do nothing, maybe they reduce natural spawns in a realm to a halt, killing those 10-20-50 packs only gives some rank/some resource/no nice side effects.

but i cant even get the cores of new enemies to boost knowledge with charms, their only use now is boosting rank for new cores you manage to obtain

OR pure resource grind, however resource grind of S rank charms at lv 220 normal realm is less effective then just pursuing highest tier of itherian realm wih 5x sigil property (its still ok on power, especially if you just unroll bad stuff, not try to roll nemes/card).

  1. Also not clear with chance to extract the cores, pre this patch i always had 100% chance or creature was unextractable. Now ive stumbled on some item that boosts your chances. It riddles me even further. Hope in a few days ill figure all things out.