Siralim 3 - Patch 0.10.0

  • MAJOR: This is the first time I’m releasing a build using a new compiler. You’ll notice that the game’s performance is pretty much perfect now, regardless of how many creatures or items you have. This could introduce new bugs, but it shouldn’t.
  • ADD: When choosing parents in the breeding interface, there are now four different combinations of symbols that can appear next to the mate. “!?” means you don’t have the recipe in question AND you’ve never acquired the resulting creature before. “!” means you have the recipe but have never acquired the resulting creature before. “?” means you don’t have the recipe but have acquired the resulting creature before. No symbols at all mean that there’s no recipe for that combination so the result will be the same as the pedigree. This all probably sounds more confusing than it really is - the interface explains it all very well.
  • ADD: “Tartarith’s Hatred” talisman now has new effects since the previous effects were made obsolete in a prior patch.
  • ADD: Common, Rare, and Legendary crafting materials have new icons.
  • ADD: Knowledge interface now displays “*” next to creatures you’ve acquired at some point.
  • ADD: “Purifier” achievements. These are 8 new achievements in the “Realms” category that are awarded based on the number of Fountains of Purification you use. The game didn’t start counting this data until this patch, so everyone will start with zero progress toward these achievements.
  • ADD: Item Bonus from enemy difficult modifiers are now shown in the Character Status menu if the bonus is greater than 0%.
  • ADD: Text to library book “Guide: Items” to remind players that Achievement Points increase your chance to find rare items.
  • CHANGE: Quest log, god favor HUD, and sigil property list no longer disappear when receiving achievements, unlocks, quests, etc. They all should fit correctly anyway and the previous behavior was very annoying.
  • FIX: It was possible to loot a mimic before the battle began, resulting in the player losing the items contained in the chest.
  • FIX: Sigil properties worked inconsistently: Immune to Attacks, Immune to Spells, Immune to .
  • FIX: In-battle core count only included Singular Cores if you had one or more in your inventory.
  • FIX: Bug introduced in the last patch that allowed creatures to have multiple copies of the same debuff.
  • FIX: Realm Quest in Vertraag’s realm to collect orbs could be completed at the wrong time if you collected the Sun Orb last, resulting in a loss of rewards.

Thanks for adding those Purifier achievements! :slight_smile: