Siralim 3 - Patch 0.11.0

  • ADD: Luna is a new NPC who will be unlocked along with the Enchanter. She’ll give you an Enchanted Trashcan. You can ask Luna to configure your Enchanted Trashcan, which allows you to specify whether you want to limit the amount of each type of item you’ll find, or to prevent yourself from finding a certain item entirely.
  • ADD: 2 new Prophecies.
  • ADD: When one of your creatures’ levels exceeds the level of enemies in a realm, a warning is now displayed at the Teleportation Shrine and will tell you the exact percentage reduction you’ll receive from items and resources earned. This penalty has always existed, but now it will be more transparent for you.
  • ADD: Another tier of bottled fairies.
  • ADD: Buffs and debuffs have new icons.
  • ADD: Brimstone, Crystal, Essence, Granite, and Power (all resources) have new icons.
  • ADD: Satchels (now called “Bundles”) of resources have new icons.
  • ADD: Bottled Fairies have new icons.
  • ADD: Runes have new icons.
  • ADD: Treasure Chests (the ones you purchase from the arena vendor) have new icons.
  • ADD: Pandemonium Tokens have new icons.
  • ADD: Class-changing robes have new icons.
  • ADD: Breeding Compendium pages have new icons.
  • ADD: Instructions to press up/down keys to change realm depth on Teleportation Shrine interface. Some new players didn’t realize you could adjust your depth.
  • CAREBEAR: The prophecy that requires you to win the arena now only requires that you win a total of 5 matches, so you can complete this prophecy over the span of multiple arena runs.
  • CHANGE: Item bonus from enemy difficulty modifiers (CJ) was ignored when your Heart of Darkness was active and your level was high enough to auto-kill enemies. That confused everyone and isn’t intuitive at all, so it was removed.
  • CHANGE: The maximum number of spells that each creature can cast per turn is once again 15. Updated the library to reflect this change.
  • CHANGE: 96 creatures that are obtained through specials means (such as from the gods) can now be found in the wild after you’ve “unlocked” all the other creatures in the game and unlocked the creatures themselves. You cannot extract from these creatures, but you can trap them if you want.
  • CHANGE: “Satchels” of resources are now called “Bundles”. For example, “Bundle of Brimstone”.
  • CHANGE: Fatigue damage bonus now doubles each time it increases, rather than increasing by only 20% each time.
  • CHANGE: Previously, after a creature in your party out-leveled enemies by too much, you had a 0% chance to find most items in that particular realm. Now there is no longer such a drastic drop-off in… drop rates.
  • CHANGE: Removed some unnecessary information from the title screen to make room for longer player names and time played.
  • FIX: Breeding interface showed “!” or “?!” even after you acquired that creature.
  • FIX: Reforging sometimes required the wrong crafting materials.
  • FIX: You could sometimes enter an Itherian Portal at the same exact time a battle would begin, resulting in all kinds of horrible bugs.
  • FIX: When you used a Supercharged spell gem, sometimes the wrong gem would be destroyed afterward.
  • FIX: Some bugs related to toggling the main menu.
  • FIX: “Sabotage” spell could be dodged and deal zero damage, contrary to what the spell description claims.

The new icons look nice… But theres two points I wanna talk about:

The Brimstone Icon is to dark. Its barely hard to see on the black background.

It would be nice if the Emblems of the gods has unique colors or so.

Agreed! I’ll see what I can do.

Somewhere I saw a rune that still had the old picture. I think that was in a chest.

Good stuff!

Why not call the prophecy “win FIVE arena matches” though?

And maybe write “up/down” instead of “W/S” at the teleportation shrine… You naturally associate W with up and S with down when you play with WASD, but a player using arrow keys would have to think about it :slight_smile:

Agree, I use I and K for Up and Down.

So, maybe use the config value that the player sets for their keyboard/controller?
Or, just Up and Down works (because the keys work even If I have I and K for up and down)