Siralim 3 - Patch 0.12.0

  • NOTE: If you’re a Life Mage, your Deity Points will be reset upon loading your save file with this new patch.
  • ADD: New Life Mage perk: Censure. Your creatures deal additional damage equal to (0.5% to 25%) of the healing they’ve received in the current battle.
  • ADD: New Life Mage perk: Apotheosis. When your creatures are healed, they have a (1% to 50%) chance to gain a random buff.
  • ADD: New Life Mage perk: Shining Force. Your creatures deal additional damage equal to (2% to 100%) of their Barriers’ potency.
  • CHANGE: Life Mage perks “Healing Given” and “Healing Received” have been merged into one perk called “Greater Healing”.
  • CHANGE: Life Mage perks “Spell Block” and “Attack Block” have been merged into one perk called “Perseverance”.
  • CHANGE: Life Mage perk “Luminesce” now only has one rank, costs 50 Deity Points, and the Barrier it provides no longer has a limit.
  • CHANGE: “Release the Cure” (Emlai’s trait) has a different effect: After this creature attacks or is attacked, it gains a random buff.
  • CHANGE: Updated Emlai’s flavor text when choosing your class.

What a wonderful readjustment for the Life Mage and Emlai. It was a bit of a trap for new players, sounding invincible but in reality was the most difficult starter class given the lack of offense. On first glance this certainly appears to make it very viable in the early game.

Maybe I´m gonna be a Life Mage again and build an Healing-Team. That´s gonna be nice with the Priest that does heal instead of taking his turn.

And the game becomes better and better :slight_smile:

not sure if it’s okay to post this in here: could you add all caregories of drops to luna’s trashcan, especially materials? unless the reason some are missing is coding related. who’s ever going to disable cards :smiley:

Just wanted to say thanks for the great Life mage improvements!
Serious Quality of LIFE changes! ;D

I might even start a new Life game just to see how it plays out for new adventures.

I bought the game about 2 weeks ago and started as a life mage. After one day of play I thought to myself, what a mistake! I should have tried chaos or nature because I cannot even make use of any of my abilities!

Didn’t have any healing gems until after the story line and healing creatures never really appeared that I could use in a team. Actually, I have only gotten enough (including the zephyr that I bought) to deck out my team after 70 hours gameplay. I really miss the merchant that appears in the Castle. The merchants rarely appear in realms and in the first 60 hours of gameplay I didn’t even have enough resources to really buy anything. Now I have accumulated an extra 4 million resources after hours 70-100 and don’t really have anything worthwhile to spend them on. I want to buy emblems, runes to grind, or spell gems from the merchant, but they do not appear often.

After my early game pain I am now a total boss thanks to this patch (usually).
----Unless my team gets silenced. Unless diamond paragon or nix informer. Unless misery nemesis. Unless itherian no healing affix boss. (Those all lead to instant death).