Siralim 3 - Patch 0.13.0

  • MAJOR: Heredity as you know it has been removed and replaced with a new system. For more information, please see this blog post:
  • CHANGE: All information in the game relevant to breeding has been changed to accomodate the new breeding system.
  • CHANGE: Removed option to sort the breeding interface by “Max Level”, and added an option to sort by “Primed”.
  • CHANGE: You no longer have a chance to receive legendary crafting materials or Genes from breeding.
  • CHANGE: “Incandescence” trait was broken/bugged due to the limit on how low a stat can reach in battle (20%), so its effect has been changed: At the start of battle, this creature gains Maximum Health equal to 150% of its Defense.
  • CHANGE: The secondary creature that Life Mages receive at the start of the game is now a Valkyrie Scout. Previously, it was a Frozen Spirit, but it wasn’t very useful early in the game and doesn’t make any sense with Emlai’s new trait anyway.
  • REMOVE: Option to sort eggs by “Heredity” has been removed.
  • REMOVE: “Highest Heredity” accolade has been removed because it is now obsolete.
  • FIX: “Release the Cure” trait still maintained its former healing effect when casting spells.
  • FIX: Enchanted Trashcan had a few bugs/crashes associated with it. I had to reset your trashcan settings, so please remember to re-configure them after this patch.
  • FIX: “Determination” spell could have the “Increased Healing” property even though it had no relevance to the spell.
  • FIX: Freeze when loading a realm or arena when you had unlocked too many creatures. Note: after this patch, it might take a few moments to load your first realm/arena because the game needs to “catch up” to this fix.
  • FIX: Old rune icons were still used in shops.
  • FIX: Display issue with sigil properties/bonus HUD that caused the bonus to appear to be cut in half right after defeating an Itherian Boss.
  • NOTE: A way to modify your Nether Creatures’ heredities and new achievements that work with the new breeding system will be added in the near future.

The new Heredity System seems really interesting … Not clear yet whether it is awesome or meh, but it is definitely interesting.

I think it was an interesting choice to adjust the rate of stat gain instead of just adjusting base stats … this change seems to make tomes more powerful because boosting a base stat multiplies very favorably with a +15 Heredity.

Side Question: Is there any way to see how many Tomes a particular creature has consumed? (That is, what are the creature’s base stats?)

Side Question: Is it still impossible to breed Nether Creatures? Does that mean that you want to get the Heredity set at the desired levels before you Transform a creature into a Nether creature?

I really like the new system - honestly who is playing Apocalypse on Defense anyway ;D. And now I can pump the speed and intelligence of Djinn Evoker and reduce their attack stat.
And most importantly I can breed right away I do not feel forced to wait until all stable creatures are max level to get the most benefits.

On a second thought. I can reduce Apocalypse int to the max and pump up defense to a viable level…hmmmm ::slight_smile:

I think the new system is perfect.

If I have an Dread Wight and breed new Dread Wights all over the day with the old Dread Wight being primed, I get an Dread Wight thats more focused on what an Dread Wight can do and lower focused on what an Dread Wight can´t do.

I guess you already know most of this stuff, but just in case:

The primary effect on Regalis’s talisman is now useless.

Only the creature that actively kills the enemies gets primed, which is a bit unfair for support creatures.

All creatures get the same amount of credit - they just have to be present in battle.

[quote=“Zack, post:6, topic:4672”]

All creatures get the same amount of credit - they just have to be present in battle.[/quote]

Only my fastest creature is currently primed, and I’ve used the same team since the patch came out.

I have a few questions after the update:

  1. Do all creatures now have the same maximum level?
  2. What level is the maximum level?
  3. How many EXP get creatures in the stable?

I like the new breeding concept. I’ll let you know if that changes after testing it, but it sounds much more interesting now.

I especially like that heredity is now something you can “finish” for a given creature, similar to artifacts. This makes it much easier to collect and stable battle ready teams. Previously, your only real option was whatever is currently bred.


With the new system I doesn’t have to check if any creature reached max level every time I finish an realm. Now I can simply run one realm after another if I don’t wanna breed creatures.

Breeding is fun again.