Siralim 3 - Patch 0.14.0

  • ADD: New type of consumable item called “Genes”. These items adjust a creature’s heredities. For example, a Gene of Importance increases a creature’s Speed Heredity by 1 and decreases a creature’s Defense Heredity by 1. These are useful for your normal creatures, but this is also the only way to modify your Nether Creatures’ Heredity.
  • CHANGE: You will now always gain a random Gene after completing a set of Prophecies.
  • CHANGE: Eggs you find in the overworld or from loot now contain creatures with a small amount of extra base stats.
  • CHANGE: “Regalis’ Lust” talisman now has a new effect since the old one was made obsolete by recent breeding changes: Eggs you find have (1% per rank) more base stat bonuses.
  • CHANGE: Egg descriptions now list bonus base stats, including those from Tomes.
  • CHANGE: Potion of Transformation now sets a creature’s Heredities to 0.
  • CHANGE: Nether Creatures can no longer be “Primed”, because there’s no reason for them to be.
  • FIX: Sorting the breeding interface by “Primed” resulted in an empty list of creatures.
  • FIX: Crash some players were experiencing when talking to Luna.
  • FIX: Old icon was displayed in arena shop for legendary materials.
  • FIX: Saia maintained its “Damnation’s Edge” artifact when you reset your perks, allowing players to bypass the perk that grants this artifact entirely.
  • FIX: Sabotage spell wasn’t guaranteed to deal at least 1 damage.
  • FIX: Bug related to hermit dialog.

Again the Genes are a perfect addition. Nothing but respect to you for your patience with the players and that you truly listen to us.

One question though:
So the realm eggs have extra base stats. Does that mean they come with some heredity (some stats are better some are worse) or are the truly better in every way?

Thanks in advance

Glad you like the patch! Thanks!

Eggs that you find always have 0 heredity, but the bonus stats I mentioned are exactly the same as if you gave the offspring some Tomes. It’s a pretty small bonus, but I think it’s a good way to make it feel rewarding to find eggs.

I think the patch is especially great because of the egg thing. So far, I’ve always found it somewhat disappointing with the eggs, because they were just monsters you’ve ever had, and most of the time those that run around everywhere. Now you get something special, which is not so easy to have.

What I wanted to mention once more, after extensively testing the new breeding system, is just better than it used to be. In the past, you always had to go to the stable after every realm and see if creatures have reached their maximum level and should be paired so that you do not lose EXP. Now I run one realm after the other and only go to the stable if I feel like it. The monsters just continue to grow because the maximum level is now something of a hundred thousand million, and I only pair them when new monsters come out of it. The game has been freed from a compulsory task and plays much more casual and relaxed.

One last thing: I once said that the Heredity display should be moved in the creature menu, because it pushes over the display of the HP for creatures with long names. Did not you do that because you planned to do away with heredity?

Great patch!

I think game had been a bit short on rare drops that feel exciting. This patch makes Egg drops potentially feel much more exciting … Additionally, chasing the Genes that you need to customize your Nether Creature is another great idea for cool rare loot.

Will you keep the stat bonus when you breed a creature you found in an egg?