Siralim 3 - Patch 0.14.2

  • CHANGE: 8 achievements were obsolete due to the recent changes made to the Heredity/Breeding system, so they have been replaced with new ones. They will be unlocked retroactively if you previously completed the achievements they replaced.
  • FIX: Reworked a lot of the GUI code to prevent some rare crashes that could occur when pressing two navigation keys on the same frame.
  • FIX: Inventory interface showed eggs’ extra base stats, but the hatching interface didn’t.
  • FIX: Sacrificing interface had a bunch of display issues.
  • FIX: Display issue on Itherian Realm depth selection interface that caused it to display an item penalty when you shouldn’t have seen one.
  • FIX: Old icons were used for class-changing robes in the god shop interface.