Siralim 3 - Patch 0.15.0

  • MAJOR: Nether Crucibles now sometimes spawn in non-Itherian Realms past depth 60. You can use your Purified Nether Orb to summon your choice of a Nether Boss that you previously defeated during the game’s story quests. Each boss drops 1 of 3-4 exclusive legendary crafting materials… and sometimes a few other things.
  • ADD: Over 50 new traits and corresponding legendary crafting materials.
  • ADD: New Prophecy that requires you to kill Nether Bosses.
  • ADD: 80 new achievements.
  • ADD: New accolades that track the number of each Nether Boss you’ve defeated.
  • CHANGE: Enchanted Trashcan has a new icon.
  • CHANGE: Reverted a recent change that caused eggs you find to have additional base stats.
  • CHANGE: Eggs you find in the wild now have randomized heredities between -10 and 10 for each stat, with a bias toward 0.
  • CHANGE: Regalis’ Lust talisman has a different effect: it now increases your chance to find eggs.
  • CHANGE: Brimstone and Bundles of Brimstone have slightly lighter icons to help them stand out on the game’s black interface.
  • CHANGE: Buff/debuff icons have darker backgrounds and the icons themselves are much sharper and should be easier to see now.
  • FIX: Exploit that allowed you to have multiple Nether Creatures in your party.
  • FIX: Rare crash when using Pandemonium Tokens.
  • FIX: Library incorrectly stated that the “Bleed” debuff now causes damage at the end of a creature’s turn, but the damage is actually done at the start of a creature’s turn.
  • FIX: Dead creatures could sometimes continue fighting thanks to the Elf Barbarian.
  • FIX: Several display issues related to floating damage text in battle.
  • FIX: Crash related to the “Assumption” trait.
  • FIX: “Perseverance” perk could sometimes work against you if you cast a spell like “Mind Control” on an enemy.
  • FIX: “Book of the Warlock” trait didn’t work correctly.

Excellent! Very happy to see new boss fights. (The game can never have too many challenging fights to test out our finely-tuned teams)

Nice, I like the new icons.

But now I had something to mention… The crystal icon looks like little ghosts or is it just me?

New Traits, a new Prophecy and spawn-a-boss feature? This is godsent ;D

I am a tiny bit disappointed that the egg bonus is gone but I can understand why it had to happen - anyways we can still pump up CJ and grind for Tomes to boost a creature.