Siralim 3 - Patch 0.16.0

  • MAJOR: Big changes for artifacts. For more details, please see the short blog post here:
  • ADD: 6 new rare artifact properties and corresponding rare crafting materials.
  • ADD: Kill counts for each Nether Boss are now displayed on the Nether Crucible user interface.
  • ADD: 1 new title.
  • CHANGE: All libraries and tutorial messages related to artifacts have been updated to respect the new system.
  • CHANGE: The first artifact you receive in the game is now much stronger (+30% Attack instead of 10% Attack).
  • CHANGE: The secondary creature that you receive during the tutorial now comes equipped with an artifact.
  • CHANGE: Increased the spawn rate of Itherian Creatures.
  • CHANGE: Nether Crucibles now have a greater chance to spawn for each time you’ve consecutively entered a realm without one spawning. This should ensure that the spawn rate is more consistent than before.
  • CHANGE: Reduced amount of breakable objects required to fulfill one of the prophecies from 150 to 120.
  • CHANGE: Renamed the achievement you earn from unlocking the tavern because it had the same name as another achievement.
  • CHANGE: A few traits/spells that previously set certain stats to 1 now set these stats to their minimum values instead (20% by default).
  • CHANGE: Priming a creature should now happen much more consistently. In addition, it is now easier to prime a creature.
  • CHANGE: When creatures take additional damage from fatigue, a small amount of bonus damage is now included in the total damage taken. This will prevent the fatigue multiplier from multiplying damage values of 0.
  • FIX: Eggs obtained from breeding could still have more than 15 heredity or less than -15 heredity.
  • FIX: Nether Crucible guardians should no longer sometimes spawn on top of you.
  • FIX: Charm creatures should no longer sometimes spawn on top of you.
  • FIX: Enemy AI now respects the health costs of spell gems if they have that property.
  • FIX: More bugs that could allow the player to control their dead creatures in battle.
  • FIX: Several cases where the minimum/maximum stat limits in battle were ignored.
  • FIX: Prophecy to open treasure chests didn’t count mimic chests in the total.
  • FIX: Mimic chests didn’t work with talismans that grant bonuses from treasure chests.
  • FIX: Mimic chests couldn’t be destroyed after use.
  • FIX: Removed some unnecessary and confusing text from trap spell descriptions.
  • FIX: Asterisk on the main menu that marked whether or not you had enough Deity Points to buy a perk would sometimes appear even when you couldn’t buy a perk.
  • FIX: Modified the creature sheet interface to make sure stats always fit correctly.
  • FIX: Referred to the Arcanist as “Conjuror” for some reason in its tutorial popup.

Wow! This is a really impressive week for Siralim 3 Development!

YAY! Maybe i can find an Itherian and capture it now!!! that would be especially nice, I’ve missed that. TY :slight_smile: