Siralim 3 - Patch 0.16.1

  • FIX: You were granted a title instead of a wardrobe costume at a certain point in the game.
  • FIX: Forging and crafting interfaces had old data from the previous artifacts system.
  • FIX: Another case where stats could go above/below their maximums/minimums.

Any chance you’d reconsider the 500% stat cap? My team is 1/20th of what it was with this change. I don’t see why stat manipulation is being capped, as many other players have expressed they are able to one-shot combat without having to use stat manipulation (which is great, I love diversity in games). I’ve seen many different, amazing combinations that people have come up with from all sorts of traits, and I am impressed with their ingenuity. I wanted to go the steady, solid, all around build that utilized stat growth to endure and slowly overwhelm my enemies. I made my team’s whole synergy about growing stronger and stronger as the battle progressed, and now it really can’t with the cap.

I just wanted to give feedback, as this is the first change that has tremendously dampened my enthusiasm for playing, as the team I’ve spent 180+ hours crafting is now a shadow of its former self. It is early access and I should expect changes, but I wanted to post how I felt.

If you are sticking with the stat caps, maybe they can be disabled in the new game plus. Also, it would be highly beneficial to know exactly how much of a percent your creatures are currently into their 500% cap.



I think that the cap is to low because Life Mages cast Major Healing on Caritas Sanctus and the whole team doing damage like 20.000 instead of 500 or so before. Theyre now the most powerful mages because they do not have any caps.

info what the stat increase is at would be necessary imo. the 500% cap kinda makes every single stat increase trait except for the 7% per spell gem ones completely useless, as you can hit the cap with just those now

and yea, it does feel really shitty that I and probably many others can just toss their nether in the trash as those are a pain to build

I agree.
I’d love to see an increase in stat cap or a limitless new game+ stat cap.
That Necronomicon Lich + Glutinous Slime + Dark transformation gem + a stat balanced creature (Godspawn i. e.) are enough to almost max the team in one action, add a cast 1 more time chance and the team do is maxed in one action. Add some Blessings from Below on the artifact of the stat balanced creature and let that artifact be a ribbon so you can cripple the enemy on the same turn.
Still it is not enough to beat a CJ 500%+ realm and it would be sad that in a game offering so much diversity we can only run 10 builds on certain classes in the end.

20 000 is pretty low considering a Sorcery mage can dish out even more with an easier to setup team.
Where is the connection between the stat cap and a life mage perk? Additionally enemies with enough CJ traits or certain spells can easily kill you with your barrier, that barrier can also be a death trap.

The 7% traits will probably be nerfed to bring them to the same level as the rest of the traits when it’s time to balance the game, anyway, so that’s not really a reason against the caps.

One of the new traits raises the cap to 750%.

I suspect that currently it is too easy to build teams that can one-shot difficult fights (e.g. fights against high-level enemies). A balance pass may be needed later in early access might be needed to tone down a few strategies that go a bit too far in trivializing content.