Siralim 3 - Patch 0.17.0

  • ADD: Added an “Advanced Information” tab to the creature menu interface that shows the bonus stats gained from effects like tomes. It also displays the amount of stats a creature gains each time it gains a level based on its heredities and bonus base stats.
  • ADD: Inspection interface now displays what percentage a creature’s stats are in relation to their base stats. This is useful for determining if a creature’s stats are maxed out or at their minimum values.
  • ADD: Option to the options menu: “View Last Battle History”. This allows you to view the history log of the last battle you fought.
  • CHANGE: Artifact stats are no longer merged together in any interface if they’re the same property. For example, previously, if you had two +5% Attack properties, they were displayed as +10% Attack.
  • CHANGE: “Vext’s Antiquity” trait has been changed because that trait’s effect already existed as “Hymn of Strength”.
  • CHANGE: “Damaos’ Subversion” trait has been changed because it was simply an inferior version of “Mouth For War”.
  • FIX: “Charm of Life” spell can no longer have the increased healing property because it doesn’t do anything for that spell.
  • FIX: Trap spells increased the cost to mass grind gems even though they couldn’t be grinded.
  • FIX: UI display issue related to sorting the breeding interface by “Primed”.
  • FIX: “Call of the Bloom” trait healed the creature with this trait 6 times, rather than healing each of its allies.
  • FIX: Deity Points interface took into consideration perks that were already maxed out when deciding if you had any perks you could purchase.
  • FIX: Adjusted enchanting error text to make more sense when attempting to enchant a rare property on an artifact that already had that property.
  • FIX: After enchanting an artifact, the wrong values were sometimes displayed for common properties.
  • FIX: “Blood Thirst” trait didn’t activate several effects based on the healing done.
  • FIX: “Resistant” nemesis and itherian affixes didn’t prevent start-of-battle debuffs.
  • FIX: Deactivating the Heart of Darkness in a realm caused enemies to still run away from you.
  • FIX: Canceling out of the inspection interface while inspecting a dead enemy allowed that enemy to be targeted.
  • FIX: “Betrayal” trait could activate even if the creature died.
  • FIX: Creatures in the arena draft could be offered spell gems from the wrong class, resulting in those gems being removed when the arena battles began.
  • FIX: Nether Creatures showed a level of 0 in the stable groups interfaces.

Cool Update, especially the first one. Pro-Players can now max out their strategy.

Indeed! Thx :slight_smile: