Siralim 3 - Patch 0.18.0

  • MAJOR: You will now receive an item called a “Shard of Awakening” when you complete a set of prophecies. These shards can be converted into a “Mallet of Awakening”, which can be used to awaken your artifacts and grant them a chance to cast a spell when your creatures attack.
  • ADD: Achievements and accolades related to artifact awakening are now fully functional.
  • ADD: New wardrobe costumes and titles to unlock.
  • ADD: Breeding recipe for “Colossal Giant” since one didn’t exist.
  • FIX: “Temperance” trait and some other traits could sometimes cause enemies to have 0 stats as a result of recent changes made in the last patch.
  • FIX: Battles that involved summoning extra creatures (“Horde” affix, story bosses, etc) summoned dead creatures.
  • FIX: Wrong levels shown in stable groups interface sometimes.
  • FIX: “Elimination Process” trait didn’t work as expected when combined with some other traits.
  • FIX: “Steel Storm” spell could have a reduced mana property, which was useless for this spell.

When is the game leaving early access?

I need to implement all the features I promised, do several balance passes, and release the game on Mac/Linux first. No idea when that will be, but it’s at least a couple months off still.

Ok, thanks

I wanna build an Giant Team like I had in Siralim 2 but can´t get an Colossal Giant via breeding and can´t find one in the arena etc… Time to take another look at my creatures to breed one now. :smiley:

Awwww yus, new costumes!
My quest to be the nattiest-dressed monarch of Nex continues!
… Though I’m glad you fixed it, kind of bummed that no longer will portals spit out pre-deaded monsters.
It’s quite an image.