Siralim 3 - Patch 0.19.0

  • MAJOR: Knowledge system has received significant changes: In addition to killing enemies, you can now use them in battle, extract from them, or sacrifice them to earn “Knowledge Points” for that creature.
  • ADD: Slaughter Knives finally have a function. They can be used to sacrifice a creature in exchange for more Knowledge about that creature.
  • ADD: Bestiary Pages. These work a lot like Breeding Compendium pages in that they’re consumable items that are used immediately after picking them up. As you might have guessed, these grant Knowledge Points. These pages are found in place of Breeding Compendium pages after you’ve found them all.
  • ADD: “Recently Earned” category on achievements menu.
  • CHANGE: Updated library and tutorials related to the changes made to the Knowledge system.
  • CHANGE: You can now toggle achievement categories while in the achievements interface without needing to back out of that menu.
  • CHANGE: Some objects and quests previously stopped appearing if you collected all the breeding recipes in the game. This is no longer the case.
  • CHANGE: Total Achievement Points earned is now displayed on both achievement sub-menus.
  • CHANGE: “Stay Dead” trait has been changed because it was the same as “Hate And Other Triumphs”.
  • FIX: “Lycanthropy” and “Divine Aegis” spells could activate even if the creature died.
  • FIX: Rare crash on sigil selection screen when entering an Itherian Realm.
  • FIX: One breeding recipe wasn’t saving correctly.
  • FIX: “Ancient Prayer” spell considered the buffs it shared to be debuffs.
  • FIX: Several more cases where certain spells could have properties that didn’t benefit them at all.
  • NOTE: The first time you load your save files with this patch, the game will convert your current Knowledge Ranks to work with the new system. This will result in a lot of notifications that tell you that you gained Knowledge Ranks. Simply save and restart the game and these will all go away.

I´ve watched all of the knowledge infos because I didn´t notice the update and was wondering what happened to the game xD

Working at final End-Game stuff… They grow up so fast :… )

This makes things much more clear! I thought that it was strange that I was no longer receiving breeding combinations, but it simply meant that I found all 3000 already.

I also looked at my knowledge as a problem too. About 90% of all my knowledge is F, E, and D even after 160 hours of gameplay. The conclusion was that I was pretty much never going to get my knowledge up to B or A for most creatures unless I played 400+ hours for this game, which is probably nuts for most people. Those knowledge pages will really help.