Siralim 3 - Patch 0.20.0

  • MAJOR: You can now create your own “Macros” and assign them to your creatures to use. In short, macros are a collection of instructions that your creatures can follow to automatically perform certain actions in battle.
  • ADD: New library book shelf in the library that explains how to create macros and how they work. Please let me know if anything is unclear, missing, etc.
  • CHANGE: In an effort to reduce early-game frustration, Wyvern Sonicscreechers and Cerebral Vortices have been replaced with different creatures in the realms you originally found them in. In addition, Wyvern Sonicscreechers, Cerebral Vortices, and Consuming Vortices will now be unlocked later on rather than around the start of the game.
  • FIX: Iron Golem had Gold Golem’s trait, and Gold Golem had Iron Golem’s trait.
  • FIX: Line breaks were missing after some artifact properties which caused the property lists to combine on one line.
  • FIX: Wrong descriptions shown in “display” options menu.
  • FIX: Wrong mana values for creatures if you had cards that affected quantity of mana.
  • FIX: Some more spells that could have useless properties.
  • FIX: Enemies could sometimes be immune to debuffs in Itherian Realms even if that property didn’t exist. Similarly, your creatures could sometimes not have buffs even if that property didn’t exist.
  • FIX: Miscalculations related to creatures reaching their minimum/maximum possible stats in battle.
  • FIX: “Life Transformation” trait worked for the wrong team.
  • FIX: Wrong values shown for a few artifact properties.
  • KNOWN ISSUES: Some conditions don’t have “less than” counterparts. Some actions can be selected that don’t make any sense, such as extracting one of your creatures. Choosing a spell to cast isn’t very efficient since there’s so many spells, so I’ll fix that soon. Renaming a macro and canceling results in a blank name.

Can’t wait to try out the macro system! It seems particularly interesting because it allows your to have longer fights without those fights taking forever. (Just set up good macros and turbo through)

Thank you for the fixes!


Life Transformation still isn’t working for me in 0.20.0

I was hoping to make a team revolving around the Narklin Ophan’s Mantra trait (which grants Major healing to all your creatures) and taking advantage of the life mage’s Chastise Perk, I actually tried before the macros were introduced, but it was unwieldy because healing spells target friendly units by default and manually targetting enemies with each attack was too slow for me.

However, it seems that spells granted by traits (only checked this one) aren’t included in the macro’s “cast…” options. Any plans to include these in the macro options or will we just have to find the spell gem first?

Great stuff!

However, I must say, I am at realm depth 150 right now, with CJ maxed out except for additional traits. The enemies are like lvl 20k with 1M HP. Almost every time, the battle is won before my creatures get a turn. But at the beginning of the battle, I have to wait for like 20-30 seconds, the music even pauses sometimes, before the animations start. Then, I hold down Shift for what feels like 1-2 minutes, until all the auto-attacks, auto-casts, and on-attack, on-dodge, on-cast etc. triggers have been resolved.
I don’t really need to see any of the animations, and while it is pretty satisfying to watch a creature take 20k damage 50 times, it adds up to a huge waste of time. Are the macros going to help with that at all?