Siralim 3 - Patch 0.20.2

  • ADD: New macro conditions: “is Singular”, “is Itherian”, “is temporary”, and “is dead”.
  • CHANGE: Aja Birku has a new singular palette because the old one was horrible. (Thanks to Umaro for the new one!)
  • FIX: You can no longer set a strategy or backup strategy for your creatures during the tutorial as it could cause crashes.
  • FIX: Macros were broken in the last patch.

That’s pretty cool. One suggestion if it’s not to difficult. Add in an “every enemy” condition for things like “If every enemy has the buff Invisible, defend.” I like to use turbo mode and watch shows while farming a bit, and sometimes I look over to realize I’ve been unable to hit anything for a while because they are all invisible and my macros match no condition.

I haven’t played since the macros were enabled, but I hope there can be a way to say “if you have less than x cores of target creature” then extract. I generally have one creature set to default extract, and it would be nice to change that to a macro that will extract from something if i don’t have enough cores, without me having to manually change to attacking if there isn’t anything low on cores.