Siralim 3 - Patch 0.21.0

  • ADD: New option in “Gameplay” options: Advanced Hatching. When this is enabled, a new menu will appear after you hatch an egg. This menu allows you to assign a Strategy, Backup Strategy, Macro, and nickname to the newly-hatched creature.
  • ADD: New test creature choices for macros: “If ally (any)” and “If enemy (any)”. I had to restructure a lot of code to add these, so please let me know if I broke anything.
  • CHANGE: When you select “Forfeit” in battle, the default confirmation selection is now “No” to prevent players from accidentally forfeiting.
  • CHANGE: Some macro editor options didn’t make sense in certain combinations and were removed (example: you can’t extract from your own creatures).
  • CHANGE: Expanded inspection interface slightly to make room for stats at all values and heredities.
  • FIX: Backing out of the battle history caused the menu selection to be at the wrong location.
  • FIX: Experience points displayed in all interfaces could be temporarily negative.
  • FIX: Macro condition “has lowest Health” included dead creatures in the evaluation, which wasn’t very useful.
  • FIX: “Defense Penetration” artifact property didn’t affect spell damage.
  • FIX: Macro lines had too much space between each line in the creature context menu.
  • FIX: “Costs Health Instead of Mana” spell gem properties didn’t work correctly, and also didn’t work with macros.
  • FIX: Crash and bugs related to macros that test “If enemy (slot)…”.
  • FIX: Another attempt to fix the crash related to “obj_battlecontroller.xp”.

Siralim 3 reached adulthood! Gratulation.

Macro is the bees knees because I need half the time to do my settings. Very nice!

Yay no more risk of accidentally forfeiting, I did that a few times when i first started playing :slight_smile: