Siralim 3 - Patch 0.21.1

  • ADD: New macro conditions: “is Extracted” and “is not Extracted”.
  • ADD: Library book “Guide: End-Game” now explains how to unlock each feature, and also warns the player about features that aren’t implemented yet.
  • CHANGE: Macro actions that target a random ally or enemy now try to target more suitable creatures before giving up. For example, if your creature is going to attack a random enemy but the enemy it chose is Invisible, it will try to find a different enemy instead.
  • CHANGE: Increased Nether Crucible spawn rate.
  • CHANGE: While choosing a target for Godly Godsawce, the creature’s potential Singular sprite will be shown while it is targeted. Only works on creatures that can actually use this item (Godspawn).
  • CHANGE: Godly Godsawce now works on Saia.
  • FIX: Some floating text in battles was cleared far too quickly, even if you weren’t using turbo mode or pressing the confirmation button.
  • FIX: Attacks from the “Prejudice” trait activated the trait from its own attacks, resulting in too many attacks.
  • FIX: “Square Nothing” trait description was inconsistent with similar traits.
  • FIX: Turbo Mode tutorial message had a bad line break.
  • FIX: “Song of Alacrity” and “Song of Resolve” traits didn’t utilize the correct stats.
  • FIX: Lots of interface crashes when pressing two keys at the exact perfect moment.

[quote=“Zack, post:1, topic:4830”]- CHANGE: Increased Nether Crucible spawn rate.

  • CHANGE: Godly Godsawce now works on Saia.[/quote]

Good Job, thank you ;D