Siralim 3 - Patch 0.23.0

  • MAJOR: You can now challenge the gods to battle! These battles are some of the most difficult in the entire game, but also offer some of the most powerful rewards. To get started, attain “Deified” favor with all 15 gods. (If you already did this before the patch was released, simply gain a favor rank with any god to trigger a new quest.)
  • ADD: After you defeat the gods enough times, you’ll earn the right to summon their Avatars to fight for you. Avatars work differently from most creatures, so be sure to read about them in the library.
  • ADD: 15 new talismans.
  • ADD: 15 new cards.
  • ADD: 16 new wardrobe costumes.
  • ADD: 17 new titles.
  • ADD: Some traits that could be earned from the Nether Crucible are now fully implemented.
  • ADD: Library now informs the player that they need to attain sufficient favor with Meraxis in order to unlock Nether Creatures.
  • ADD: New sound effects when a portal is created, a creature gains a buff, is afflicted with a debuff, gains/loses stats, or gains a trait.
  • CHANGE: Updated the library and tutorials with information about the new content introduced in this patch.
  • CHANGE: Creatures in the arena will no longer have gems that they don’t have enough mana to cast.
  • CHANGE: Several sources of loot were based on your highest realm depth ever attained. Now, if your highest Itherian Realm depth is greater than your highest Realm depth, the Itherian depth will be considered instead.
  • FIX: Runes had a small chance to break when you swapped them with another rune - this was due to leftover code before Early Access even started. Runes are not supposed to ever break.
  • FIX: Achievement “Emperor’s New Clothes” was awarded for unlocking the tavern instead of the tailor.
  • FIX: Macro conditions that tested for “lowest [stat]” could sometimes test dead creatures.
  • FIX: The five “Morph” spells weren’t considered to be stat-boosting spells.
  • FIX: When battle music was turned off, it would sometimes continue to play the wrong music after event battles.
  • FIX: Blademasters had 0 mana.

Wow! The Gate of the Gods arrives! … Awesome!

I wondered often why my runes get lost… Now that I know this I hope to get back my runes without loosing them again.