Siralim 3 - Patch 0.25.0

[size=2]- ADD: New option to Furness (bartender) that allows you to view the last team ID that was uploaded to our server. You can give this ID to your friends so they can fight against your team at any time. Note: this addition is not retroactive, so you’ll need to wait until the next time you upload a team to obtain an ID. Sorry![/size]
[size=2]- ADD: New option to Furness that allows you to input a team ID and fight against whatever team you want. These fights do not give any rewards, but they also don’t cost any Tavern Tokens.[/size]
[size=2]- ADD: When you interact with a tavern brawl NPC, their team ID is now displayed in their dialog.[/size]
[size=2]- ADD: 4 new creatures.[/size]
[size=2]- ADD: 4 new wardrobe costumes, one of which can be crafted at the Tailor.[/size]
[size=2]- ADD: You can now buy small, medium, and large chests from the Tavern Brawl shop.[/size]
[size=2]- ADD: Banlist now shows * next to a banned creature and/or trait that is in your party.[/size]
[size=2]- ADD: “Use them all” option for Stale Candy.[/size]
[size=2]- CHANGE: You are now rewarded with 3 Tavern Tokens (instead of 1) if you complete a Realm Quest on your highest realm depth ever.[/size]
[size=2]- CHANGE: When you attempt to start a Tavern Brawl with a creature or trait that is banned for the week, you will now be told exactly what creature in your party is banned.[/size]
[size=2]- CHANGE: When you summon a temporary creature in battle, they will now always have Spell Gems that they have enough maximum mana to cast.[/size]
[size=2]- CHANGE: In-battle text when you lose a Tavern Brawl is now more appropriate for the situation.[/size]
[size=2]- CHANGE: Removed flavor text from “Stale Candy” items to make them more efficient to use.[/size]
[size=2]- CHANGE: Removed annoying, mocking text after losing a Tavern Brawl.[/size]
[size=2]- FIX: Some of your Spell Gems were unequipped after fighting in a Tavern Brawl. This was mainly an issue for Sorcery Mages.[/size]
[size=2]- FIX: Library book “Guide: End-Game” didn’t mention that knowledge is ignored in brawls.[/size]
[size=2]- FIX: Dane didn’t mention that knowledge and runes are ignored in the arena.[/size]
[size=2]- FIX: “Final Sting” and “Final Oblation” traits didn’t kill the creature in brawls.[/size]
[size=2]- FIX: Character names will now be correctly uploaded with all symbols, including commas, hypens, and apostrophes.[/size]
[size=2]- SERVER-SIDE: If there weren’t enough brawls to create a full banlist on a certain week, the remaining creatures to ban will be chosen randomly. This won’t be an issue in the short run, but will future-proof Tavern Brawls if not as many people use them later on.[/size]
[size=2]- SERVER-SIDE: Previously, the game automatically uploaded your Tavern Brawl team if it was in the 20 most recently-uploaded teams. This threshold is now set to 15.[/size]