Siralim 3 - Patch 0.26.0

[size=2]- ADD: You can now reforge your Spell Gems at the Arcane Vault.[/size]
[size=2]- ADD: 7 new achievements related to reforging Spell Gems.[/size]
[size=2]- ADD: Accolade for tracking the number of times you’ve reforged your Spell Gems.[/size]
[size=2]- ADD: Buff and debuff icons, names, and descriptions are now displayed in the battle inspection interface.[/size]
[size=2]- ADD: 2 new creatures.[/size]
[size=2]- ADD: Reforging artifacts now has a unique sound effect.[/size]
[size=2]- CHANGE: “Arcane” buff now still regenerates 30% Mana, but instead regenerates 10 Mana if that’s a higher amount.[/size]
[size=2]- CHANGE: “Blind” debuff now causes creatures to have a 50% chance to miss attacks, up from 30%.[/size]
[size=2]- CHANGE: “Sleep” debuff is now only removed by attack and spell damage.[/size]
[size=2]- CHANGE: “Diamond Attunement” trait has been changed: All creatures’ artifact traits are ignored.[/size]
[size=2]- CHANGE: “Endurance Aura” trait now mitigates 80% damage, up from 70%.[/size]
[size=2]- CHANGE: “Love And Other Disasters” trait has been changed: The enemy creatures’ effects that activate when they afflict a buff or debuff are ignored.[/size]
[size=2]- CHANGE: “Powershift” trait now increases damage by 100%, down from 200%.[/size]
[size=2]- CHANGE: Nether Auras now share their adjusted stats, rather than the stats they start battles with. This means that if a Nether Creature gains stats in battle, its aura will grow more powerful.[/size]
[size=2]- CHANGE: When you use a Nether Pedestal, all enemies are removed from the realm before guardians are spawned. This ensures that guardians will always be able to spawn correctly.[/size]
[size=2]- CHANGE: Doubled the map scrolling speed.[/size]
[size=2]- CHANGE: Normalized the ranges of certain spell gem properties.[/size]
[size=2]- CHANGE: Floating battle text color for stat loss is now a bit lighter to make it easier to read.[/size]
[size=2]- CHANGE: Buff orb effect that caused your creatures to start at the top of the Action Queue now works like the “Raid” perk. This means that your creatures will no longer be placed in a random order.[/size]
[size=2]- CHANGE: Buff orbs are now solid (you can’t walk through them) to prevent situations where it was impossible (or just annoying) to obtain them.[/size]
[size=2]- CHANGE: Removed dialog from artifact reforging interface to make it easier to reforge multiple times.[/size]
[size=2]- FIX: Sometimes, horde enemies wouldn’t spawn which resulted in there not being any enemies to fight which caused a crash.[/size]
[size=2]- FIX: “Cold Touch” trait didn’t work.[/size]
[size=2]- FIX: “Psychic Barrier” trait used base stats, not adjusted stats, to determine its potency.[/size]
[size=2]- SERVER-SIDE: Previously, the game automatically uploaded your Tavern Brawl team if it was in the 15 most recently-uploaded teams. This threshold is now set to 10.[/size]
[size=2]- SERVER-SIDE: Previously, the game pulled the 100 most recently-created Tavern Brawl teams from the database for you to fight. This amount is now set to 50 to hopefully keep things feeling a bit more fresh.[/size]