Siralim 3 - Patch 0.3.0 released!

  • ADD: Fountain of Purification. Starting at realm depth 5, a fountain will spawn in every realm. It starts dry, and as you kill enemies, it fills with water. Once it’s full, you can use it to cleanse the items in your “Pending” inventory and add them to your permanent inventory. You can re-fill the same fountain multiple times per realm. These do not spawn in Itherian Realms.
  • ADD: Title screen logo shimmer now has a unique sound effect.
  • ADD: Changing wardrobe costumes now has a unique sound effect.
  • ADD: Creating a charm now has a unique sound effect.
  • ADD: Enchanting a gem now has a unique sound effect.
  • ADD: Disenchanting a gem now has a unique sound effect.
  • ADD: Sacrificing a creature now has a unique sound effect.
  • ADD: Grinding runes now has a unique sound effect.
  • CHANGE: Reduced “Regalis’ Lust” talisman bonus from 5% to 1% per rank.
  • CHANGE: Waspids have a new sound effect.
  • FIX: When converting resources, the game always claimed you converted “X Brimstone into Y Brimstone”.
  • FIX: When you chose a parent in the breeding menu, then went back, it ignored the breeding filter you had set.

Loading up the game just to hear the new waspid sound effect. Haha

Waspid sound effect is much better now. Good choice! #2 on the annoying creature list for me would be the mite.

Also, while most of the game music is good, I find the high pitched radio interference in Azural’s realm’s theme music to be very annoying.

There’s my subjective opinions for the day.


Seriously is there a chance to add some Steam Achievements for using the Fountain of Purification? :slight_smile:

For example:

Steam Achievement #1 --> 1x using
Steam Achievement #2 --> 25x “”
Steam Achievement #3 --> 75x “”
Steam Achievement #4 --> 150x “”
Steam Achievement #5 --> 300x “”
Steam Achievement #6 --> 500x “”
Steam Achievement #7 --> 750x “”
Steam Achievement #8 --> 1250x “”
Steam Achievement #9 --> 2500x “”
Steam Achievement #10 --> 5000x “”

Would be great to see them later ingame if possible! Thanks in advance! :slight_smile: