Siralim 3 - Patch 0.4.0 released!

  • ADD: You can now set a “Backup Strategy” for each of your creatures. This allows you to press the cancel button (default Q) on the battle menu to instantly make an alternative action, even if that action isn’t selected.
  • ADD: Option to Lock or Unlock a creature. “Locked” creatures will not be considered for breeding, and will not appear in the sacrificing interface. You can toggle a creature’s Lock status in each creature’s context menu, or via a new option at the stable.
  • ADD: Saia had the wrong trait this whole time. That’s really embarrassing, but I’ve been focused on other things. It’s fixed now. I tagged this as an addition because it’s been so long that it had might as well be a new feature at this point.
  • ADD: Notification in battle when a Supercharged gem is destroyed.
  • ADD: Library book “Guide: Creatures” now explains that creatures that deal additional class-based damage have “!” at the end of their damage values, and creatures that deal weakened damage have “…” at the end of their damage values.
  • ADD: Description panels for “Manage Item Sets” and “Strategy” selections in the main menu.
  • ADD: When a creature’s artifact is ignored in battle, such as when it is targeted by the “Decay” spell, an “(Ignored)” tag will now appear next to the artifact’s name in the inspection interface.
  • CHANGE: When you change your class or reset your Deity Points, Saia will now be sent to the stable and will be inaccessible until you turn back into a Death Mage and invest points in the “Saia” perk. That way, you won’t lose your progress with Saia if you want to try a new class or reset your Deity Points.
  • CHANGE: Buff orb that causes your creatures to start the next battle at the top of the Action Queue now determines the order by your creatures’ Speed.
  • CHANGE: Several talismans now have a maximum rank. Some don’t make sense to go beyond rank 100, while others would be too overpowered past a certain point.
  • CHANGE: Realms are now larger to prevent objects from being too clustered together, and to ensure that all objects have a chance to spawn.
  • CHANGE: Realms should now generate a little more quickly.
  • CHANGE: Creatures can now resurrect a maximum of 10 times per battle.
  • CHANGE: Added resurrection limit to the library book “Guide: Battles”.
  • CHANGE: Trap gems will no longer be included in mass grinding.
  • CHANGE: God Favor HUD color is now maroon instead of puke-yellow. Also increased the size and added numbers to it.
  • CHANGE: Active god favor bar in the menu is now maroon instead of puke-yellow.
  • FIX: Temporary gems with the “Supercharged” property weren’t being destroyed.
  • FIX: Tomes weren’t working as intended due to a rounding issue. You’ll notice a much larger bonus from them now.
  • FIX: Charms weren’t working due to a recent patch.
  • FIX: “Generous” spell gem property wasn’t passing its increased cost on to the creatures that received copies of the gem.
  • FIX: “Square Nothing” trait caused creatures to attack roughly a billion times.
  • FIX: “Luminesce” perk could exceed its cap.
  • FIX: Gem enchantment interface prevented you from enchanting certain gems with certain properties, and allowed you to enchant certain gems with certain properties that shouldn’t be allowed.

fine work ;D.

But now I have to ask:
10 resurrections per creature or all my creatures together?

Per creature.

I have updatet to 0.4.0 and can´t revive my Nix Creeper nor my Gravebane Wight using Reincarnation.

I meet up with the Riddle Dwarf in Realm 32. But he doesn´t have an riddle- talking with him opens “Guide:End-Game”. The game didn´t crash or something.

Yay numbers in the favor bar! Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

hehe actually getting gladiators bane to lv 1000 was a good plan, dunno why it seemed too overpowering, good cores, good runes, some chests - all you need after wiping a few realms :stuck_out_tongue: