Siralim 3 - Patch 0.5.5 released!

  • CHANGE: Trap spells can no longer be used on a few certain, special creatures, most notably the Dmln.
  • CHANGE: When a creature’s artifact is ignored in battle (usually due to a trait or spell), that effect is now universally called “Decayed”.
  • CHANGE: When a creature’s spell gems are ignored in battle (usually due to a trait or spell), that effect is now universally called “Sealed”.
  • CHANGE: Updated all trait and spell descriptions to fit with the new “Decayed” and “Sealed” references.
  • CHANGE: Added references to the new “Decayed” and “Sealed” references in the library books about artifacts and spell gems, respectively.
  • CHANGE: Spell Gems now show “Sealed” in the inspection interface when they’re sealed.
  • CHANGE: Artifacts now show “Decayed” in the inspection interface when they’re decayed.
  • FIX: Itherian Realms were granting far too much experience.
  • FIX: Crashes related to War, Death, Famine, and Conquest.
  • FIX: Maximum number of attacks and casts per turn wasn’t always being properly enforced.
  • FIX: “Black to White” trait had an extra, unintended effect.
  • FIX: “Flesh Offering” trait used Maximum Health rather than Current Health.
  • FIX: Crashes and bugs related to “Piercing Dragon Claws” trait.

well itherian realms were certainly giving good exp (but a very limited amount of mobs/no charms), not nearly enough though to sustain constant climb if you want also to roll high sigils, at least for me, had to take quite long hauls into normal realms time to time (i didnt and still dont see a pooint in going into not the highest realm level, so at least i could also climb).
For me itherian realms - talismans + massiver exp/resource + rare drops, battles feel meaningful if you push it to highest level/best sigils, but feel more relaxing over normal realms in sense there is no respawn, also work faster.
Normal realms - easier favor/emblem grind, ability to use charms, still super low exp and resources, can be a lil annoying due to respawns - not that they happend at all, but they occur on some another side of a map usually, and killing em is really arbitrary, since as a bonus you can get knowledge for some rarespawn creatures you still dont have access to cores, or a stray nemesis which can with a lil chance drop something ok, like an emblem.
All in all i feel its balanced. However if reducing xp means making general levelling a lil slower/climb a lil longer and adjust balance between time spent in normal/itherian realms why not try it.

Edit: also still huge amount of itherian enemies in normal realms, now they are extractable but you often meet group of 5 itherians + 1 someone, not that bad since it boosts your exp/resource, on the other hand it makes gaining knowledge on new creatures even harder.

Though i still think that doing non-max level itherian realm should, as now, not award sigil, but if the realm exceeds both your creature/character level by a good margin (so when you ll finish it, boss will be still higher then you and your creatures), award 1 talisman upgrade. That way we wont be swarmed with sigils, plus there will be at least some point to do non-top level itherian realm.

EDIT: on further playing didnt notice any major decrease in exp, maybe nether groups give 2x less in ith realms, some properties a lil nerfed