Siralim 3 - Patch 0.6.0 released!

  • ADD: New items called “Genes”. These work exactly the same way as Tomes (they increase base stats).
  • ADD: When you breed two creatures together, you now have a chance to receive a Gene, or the parents’ corresponding legendary crafting materials if one exists.
  • MAJOR CHANGE: Reduced the number of breeding recipes in the game from about 4000 to about 3000. This should make it so you aren’t finding recipes for the same creatures over and over again. After you receive this update, you might be missing several breeding recipes and many of your current ones might be different. You didn’t lose anything permanently, though.
  • CHANGE: When you find a breeding recipe in the wild (such as from a treasure chest), you now have a small chance to receive a recipe for a creature you’ve probably never seen before.
  • CHANGE: Nether Creatures no longer have a maximum level.
  • CHANGE: Updated the relevant library and tutorial entries to correspond with the Nether Creature change mentioned above.
  • CHANGE: Option to use Slaughter Knives at the Altar of Blood has been temporarily disabled, since Nether Chrysales are no longer needed. These knives will be given a different function in a future patch.
  • CHANGE: You can now view the spell gems each potential creature has equipped when drafting an arena team by toggling the draft view with the up/down (default W/S) keys.
  • CHANGE: Artifacts have been removed from the arena. They made the arena unnecessarily random and tedious.
  • CHANGE: Spell Gems in the arena no longer have any properties, including class swaps.
  • CHANGE: Lowered the potency of the Defense stat - but only in the arena! This should make arena battles move a little more quickly and prevent arena matches from being “too balanced”, such that they can cause a stalemate.
  • CHANGE: Last target selection you had in battle when casting a spell on an enemy is now remembered and will be chosen as the default target if you attack or cast multiple single-target spells in a row.
  • CHANGE: Doubled the drop rate of Emblems.
  • CHANGE: You can now walk through buff orbs (the ones that sometimes drop after battles), in case you don’t want to obtain a certain buff but would otherwise get stuck.
  • CHANGE: “Grand Archivist” achievements are renamed “Enrichment”, and now include Genes.
  • CHANGE: “Tomes Used” accolade now includes Genes.
  • CHANGE: “Trove” trait now only shares temporary spell gems.
  • CHANGE: Updated Benjamin’s dialog to include the fact that you can sometimes receive items from breeding now.
  • CHANGE: Updated lore entries for Emlai, Andolin Seraph, Undolim Seraph, and Vanelin Seraph.
  • FIX: Realm objects that allow the player to warp around the realm will no longer be prioritized over Itherian Realm boss portals when you try to enter them. This prevents players from sometimes being unable to enter a portal.
  • FIX: When equipping a creature with a spell gem, players were given the option to equip gems that a creature should not have been able to equip anyway.
  • FIX: Brownie Cards caused the “Splash” buff to deal far more damage than intended.
  • FIX: “Dreams of Ice” trait didn’t acknowledge a source creature for the stats gained.
  • FIX: Small graphical issue with a wise man NPC/costume (the old man with the cane and purple hat).
  • NOTE: This is the first game build using a new version of GameMaker. There shouldn’t be any issues, but let me know if anything strange pops up.

Thanks Zack, looks like an incredible patch.

With regards to Genes, are all genes equally likely, or it is based on parent stats. (That is, does breeding high Defense creatures increase the chance of getting a Defense Gene?)

They are awarded at random.

Any news concerning my Steam achievement suggestion?

Sorry, but I just don’t know yet. I have to prioritize other things for now.

I wondered what youre doing all the day, but than BOOM!! Giant Update. Very impressive.

I hope you can take a look on Emlais Stable Sprite because it is freaking me out… Looks like a wandering ghosts.

CHANGE: When you find a breeding recipe in the wild (such as from a treasure chest), you now have a small chance to receive a recipe for a creature you’ve probably never seen before.

Hope it will work with all recipes unlocked. Thanks, the patch looks promising and interesting.
Well, actually it looks inspiring and amazing :slight_smile:

After the update it tooks an “long” time to open a chest with an breeding recipe in it. Even so with the blue pillars they had breeding recipes inscripted.