Siralim 3 - Patch 0.9.0

  • ADD: Itherian Bosses now have a randomly-chosen affix called Itherian Affixes, which work the same as Nemesis Affixes. Many of these affixes are more powerful than the ones you’ll find on Nemesis Creatures.
  • ADD: Three new Nemesis Creature affixes.
  • ADD: Nemesis and Itherian Affix names/descriptions are now displayed in the battle history.
  • CHANGE: Itherian Bosses now have 300% more health and 25% higher stats.
  • CHANGE: Creatures can now receive buffs, receive debuffs, and receive healing effects a maximum of 15 times per turn. This change was made to prevent infinite loops when certain traits interact with each other. It also frees up a lot of design space for traits and spells that will be added in the future.
  • CHANGE: Updated library book “Guide: Combat” to respect the change mentioned above.
  • CHANGE: Updated lore for Entropic Spectre, Enclave Amaranth, Aja Birku, Mumu, and Pandemonium Queen.
  • CHANGE: Increased the spawn distance for enemies when you use a Charm. That should prevent enemies from sometimes spawning on top of your creatures and immediately starting a battle.
  • CHANGE: You can now destroy opened treasure chests in realms. This only works on chests that spawn in realms at the start of a realm.
  • CHANGE: Part of the “Incandescence” trait is now deactivated for enemies when you’re in an Itherian Realm with the sigil property that prevents stat loss. This trait caused enemies to be unkillable when combined with that property.
  • CHANGE: After completing the main story quests, Desiderata now gives you 5 Sigils, up from 1.
  • CHANGE: “*” will now only appear next to “Character” and “Perks” in the menu if you have enough points to buy one of your perks. Previously, it was shown if you more than 0 unspent points.
  • CHANGE: Prophecies will no longer ever require you to kill a “Greedy” Nemesis Creature, nor will they require you to kill other rare Nemesis Creatures that will be added in the future.
  • FIX: Some “start of battle” effects didn’t work correctly in conjunction with effects that are maintained all the time.
  • FIX: If you assigned items to a pre-existing item set slot, and the old set had fewer items than the new set, the sets merged together instead of being replaced.
  • FIX: Random bugs/crashes that were exclusive to the main menu.
  • FIX: “Diligence” trait granted debuff immunity, rather than just ignoring debuffs as the trait’s description claimed.
  • FIX: Crash due to the “Vanity” trait.
  • FIX: Sigil property that grants a permanent Barrier to enemies now only applies at the start of battle, rather than granting enemies immortality.
  • FIX: Enemy difficulty settings that increased enemy stats didn’t work at all.
  • FIX: Crash when attempting to resurrect a temporary summoned creature that had already been removed from the battle. In particular, the “Reincarnation” spell was a common way to trigger this crash.
  • FIX: Some Realm Quests were completed before a battle began, resulting in a loss of rewards.
  • FIX: Several bugs/crashes related to pressing the confirm key (default: E) too quickly in front of realm objects that could start a battle.
  • NOTE: I’ve re-worked a lot of the internals of the battle system. You shouldn’t notice much on your end, but there will be fewer bugs, crashes, and inconsistencies. In the short term, this might actually introduce some new issues, but those can be fixed very easily.

Concerning the Diligence trait - so it should now let debuffs be cast upon creatures, and while at 90% and above, ignore those debuffs? Also, if creatures dip below 90%, but are healed back to 90%+ Diligence will be reactivated, correct?

Yes, everything you said is correct.

The Itherian Boss changes in this patch are awesome! I have had a couple really soon fights against these bosses since the patch dropped.

The game can’t possibly have too many fun, interesting, boss fights. (I can’t wait for gate of the gods )