Siralim 3 - Patch 1.3.23

  • ADD: You can now specify the exact number of creatures you want to summon at the Summoning Brazier.
  • CHANGE: Amaranths, Abominations, Giants, Devils, and Ravens have new overworld sprites. (Thanks to “Unagio Lucio”)
  • CHANGE: Steam achievements are now synced automatically when you load your save file. This is useful for players who constantly transfer their save files to/from Steam/mobile platforms. Since this process is now automatic, the NPC in the library that did this for you has been removed from the game.
  • CHANGE: Decreased Knowledge gained from extracting creatures, and increased Knowledge gained from killing them in battle. The goal of this change is to prevent players from feeling obligated to extract every creature they encounter, while still maintaining the same overall rate of Knowledge gained as before.
  • FIX: “Colony” trait didn’t always work as intended.
  • FIX: Several cases where the “Diffusion” trait didn’t work.

What knowledge did we used to receive for killing a creature? I’m receiving 10 now (20 with a Dumpling), which I’m pretty sure is what it was before.

Also, reducing knowledge for extracting to a single point seems a little overboard. I’ve been grinding charms recently, and I’m now receiving less than a third of the knowledge I used to be. Getting the veggie dumpling is already a stupidly impossible task, now it’s going to be outright unobtainable.

My personal recommendation would be to swap the values you had before. 25 for killing, 10 for extracting. That way charm grinding remains unaffected.

Knowledge for kills was tripled in this patch.

You were never intended to extract every single creature in every battle. I understand some players did that, but the Knowledge system wasn’t ever balanced around that.

Please double-check the code. I just checked, and killing still only gives me 20 knowledge when I’m using a Dumpling.

I reverted these changes a few patches ago, so it’s all back to normal.