Siralim 3 - Patch 1.3.3

  • CHANGE: Increased “Pyromaniac” damage to 20%. This trait, along with the others mentioned in these patch notes, are being improved due to recent changes made to how Defense works when interacting with indirect damage.
  • CHANGE: Increased “Shock Aura” damage to 25%.
  • CHANGE: Increased “Live to Labor” damage to 20%.
  • CHANGE: Increased “Glaive of Power” damage to 15%.
  • CHANGE: Increased “Glaive of Destruction” damage to 20%.
  • CHANGE: Increased “Stay Dead” damage to 40%.
  • FIX: Game clock ticked too quickly when Battle FPS was greater than 60.
  • FIX: “Disciple of War” trait always tried to remove the same debuff twice.
  • FIX: Display issue during the tutorial.
  • FIX: Nether Guardians should now always spawn correctly.
  • FIX: Some spell animations were too slow.
  • FIX: “Regalis’ Lust” talisman increased your chance to find eggs far more than intended.
  • FIX: Minimum/maximum stat values weren’t enforced before start-of-battle effects were completed.

Hi Zack, brilliant game but this update has stopped the app opening on iPhone 6SE, it just closes straight away. Thanks

Does the Thylacine Studios logo appear at all, or does it close even before that?

Have you tried restarting your phone and making sure all other apps are closed?

Thanks for getting back to me. Restart didn’t change anything. All other apps closed. The screen goes black then pulls away straight away, no logo seen. However when I double click the home button to view opened apps the game is there with my character in his last saved place in Nex (see picture) but when I try to open this it closes straight away.

Do you have your save file(s) backed up in the cloud? If so, you could try reinstalling the game (but if they’re not backed up, don’t reinstall, because that will delete your save files). Otherwise, I’ll be releasing a new patch that should hit iOS sometime tomorrow, so that will simulate a reinstallation on its own and maybe that will solve the problem.

As a Luddite and technophobe I don’t use the cloud, I’ll just wait for the new patch! Many thanks for your help!