Siralim 3 save transfer from steam to switch question

Tomorrow can I transfer my save from my steam game to my nintendo switch and still keep my save on the steam game for siralim 3

Yep! Once you are ready to transfer, click cloud storage on the main menu for your steam version and press Export to Cloud, save it in any of the 5 slots and you will have your save uploaded.

When you want to get it on your switch copy you will want to first click cloud storage on the main menu, then view/edit cloud ID and edit it so it matches your steam versions cloud ID. This makes it so it matches your saves whenever you access the cloud.

Then once you’ve matched the ids, click import from cloud on the switch version and select your save and save it on any of the 5 files. Then you’re done!

Just a warning though, currently there’s a bug with transferring switch to pc so dont export on the switch, only import.

I know this is an old post, but still the most recent I see on the topic. Has the bug been fixed?

I just got it on Switch a couple of days ago and have been exporting to use back on my Steam save, and I hope I haven’t been corrupting the save somehow.

Yes, this was fixed a while ago.