Siralim 3 Skipping Turns - Burn/Poison Team

Hello Everyone! I am playing Siralim 3 on Windows, patch 1.3.18.

My current team is based on Burn/Poison damage. The creatures are:

Canopy Arachnalisk: Here to Die / Numbing Venom
Frostfire Efreet: Living Flame / Tainted Blood
Flametongue Efreet: In Flames / Infinite Inferno
Plague Scholar: Insipid / Metaphor
Lethal Smog: Creeping Death / Stoke
Cancerous Smog: Poison Innoculation / Malady

The thing is: both my creatures and the enemy creatures seem to be skipping turns.
What does it look like: when one enemy dies from poison/burn at the start of its own turn, it is immediately removed from the action queue. Then, my Frostfire Efreet’s traits proc in with the next creature in the queue showing at the top. After that, the creature who is in the top of the queue (who didn’t have its turn yet, because it should still be the turn of the one who died from burn/poison initially) has its turn skipped, as if its action was somehow concluded during the Frostfire’s traits, and then the next one in the queue has its turn.

This affects all of my battles.

Thank you for your time and I hope I was clear enough! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the information! This is a really tough and inconsistent bug to reproduce, but I think I might have fixed it for the next patch.

Zack, greetings!

Here to say that unfortunately I’m still experiencing the bug on Windows, version 1.3.19.
Same thing as before: whenever one creature dies to burn/poison, the next creature in the queue has its turn skipped. I’m going to remove my Frostfire Efreet from the team and see if it is its specific traits that cause this behavior.