Siralim 3 switch internet to check problem

I have siralim 3 on my switch that I downloaded when I pre-purchase the game but when I try to play it I keep getting The console will use the internet to check whether this software can be played why is this

That’s how it’s unlocked. It should just be a one-time thing.

Do you know what time eastern time siralim 3 for switch will be unlocked today

Should be noon ET.

I can confirm that mine is unlocked. I’m not sure about cloud export from the Switch version, but the import worked fine.

Yeah dont use export from switch just yet, it will import instead which will wipe your progress done on switch

let me know once there is a patch to fix export on siralim 3 for nintendo switch

He said he submitted the patch a week ago. Nintendo is taking their sweet ass time putting it out, though.