Siralim - Beta v10 released.

The demo link has already been updated, and Humble Bundle customers can expect the update on their downloads page in a few hours.


  • Added two new modes to choose from when starting a New Game:
    • Creature Perma-Death Mode
      • If your creatures die and you do not resurrect them by the end of battle, they’re dead forever. You will also lose their artifact.
      • If you run out of creatures, Damaos will give you a new starting creature.
    • Creature Randomization Mode
      • Each time you finish a “More Creatures” construction ritual, the creatures that are unlocked will be selected at random. If this mode is disabled, they’ll be selected in a pre-determined order as usual.
    • These modes can be combined with Hardcore Mode (character perma-death) as well.
    • To complement the new Creature Perma-Death mode, a new unique artifact has been added to Bynine’s shop called Ankh of Reincarnation, which is available after level 5.
      • This artifact has no stats other than its base stats, and grants the equipped creature a new ability: Reincarnation.
      • When a creature with the Reincarnation ability dies, it is immediately brought back to life with full health, but the Ankh of Reincarnation is destroyed.
  • Players now receive additional resources and items at the start of the game in Hardcore Mode and Creature Perma-Death Mode.


  • Significantly increased the strength of the Beginner’s Charm artifact to make the start of the game a little more forgiving.
  • Significantly decreased the strength of all unique artifacts. This change is not retroactive.
    • Rationale: unique artifacts were FAR more powerful than intended, especially since they typically grant the equipped creature a new ability or powerful battle condition in addition to the massive stat boost. Most unique artifacts now DECREASE some stats in return for providing these other abilities.
  • Changed the second creature that Hebron gives you when Castle Quests are enabled based on your character’s class. These same particles are now also given to the player at the start of the game if you play with Castle Quests disabled.
  • Pandemonium Tokens have been changed to be less frustrating. Several of the most devastating negative effects have been removed, while several other effects (both good and bad) have been added. Hopefully this item will be more fun and exciting to use now.
  • Major Sigils can no longer be used until level 25. In addition, the level of Major Sigil enemies can no longer fall below 25.
  • Adjusted the rarity of several types of items.


  • Nether Creatures are now allowed to enter the arena.


  • Enemy creatures that have abilities which benefit from certain types of artifacts will now always spawn with the best type of artifact (weapon, shield, or charm) to complement these abilities.
  • Enemy creatures will now defend more intelligently.


  • Rebalanced several creature abilities. Most of them were buffed. The goal of these changes is to ensure that every creature in the game is completely viable to use. Without spoiling too much information, below is a summary of some of these changes.
    • Creatures that can defend to summon minions in battle now also start each battle with a set of those minions already summoned.
    • Some of the Hound abilities have been re-shuffled and compacted. In addition, there is a new ability called Wolf Ability - Permanence. This prevents all summoned wolves from leaving the battlefield.
    • “Versatility” and “Epiphany” were merged into “Epiphany”. “Versatility” now increases the creature’s defenses by 1% for each point of mana spent in battle.
    • The chance of many abilities proccing in battle has been increased dramatically, some of which are now at a 100% chance.
    • Increased the damage or effectiveness of dozens of other abilities and granted secondary effects to many others.


  • Fixed a bug that was causing exhaustion to begin far sooner than intended.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed overworld enemies to sometimes pass through solid objects.
  • Fixed a bug that caused castle floor torches to create random solid blocks in your pathway.
  • Fixed a few bugs related to saving/loading games.
  • Fog-of-War should now properly remove all the fog around your character when you move.
  • Solid objects should never block passageways in Mysterious Realms anymore.