Siralim - Beta v11 Patch Notes

Apologies for the delay, but this is the largest update we’ve ever released so I wanted to make sure that it was thoroughly tested before pushing it out to everyone. Due to the drastic changes found in this patch, it is important that you thoroughly read these patch notes to avoid any confusion.

The demo link on has already been updated with the latest version, and Humble Store customers will find the update on their downloads page in a few hours.

[center][size=18pt]Siralim Beta v11 - Changelog[/size][/center]


[ul][li]You can now sacrifice a particle from the particle menu. This destroys the selected particle and substantially increases the chance of encountering the matching creature in the next realm you visit.[/li]
[li]The Pandemonium King now has its own unique abilities that are not found on normal creatures, and now spawns with some of its Doom Fortress friends.
[/li][li]Increased the amount of resources gained from Bynine’s satchel items by 500%.[/li]
[li]Reduced the level required to construct the battle arena from level 50 to level 35.[/li]
[li]Players who start the game with Castle Quests disabled no longer have a chance to receive Alteration scrolls in their starting pack of items - they’re not very useful at the beginning of the game.[/li]
[li]Hebron’s Stronghold creature no longer has a passive ability to make these fights less awkward.[/li]
[li]Added the following character sheet accolades: Artifacts Reforged, Materials Transmuted, Common Materials Used, Rare Materials Used, Legendary Materials Used.[/li]
[li]Removed the following character sheet accolades: Artifacts Ventured, Artifacts Augmented.[/li]
[li]Updated all Castle Quest text, NPC text, and library information to complement this patch.[/li]
[li]Reduced the rate at which you gain additional maximum mana from every 2 levels to every 4 levels.[/li]
[li]Decreased the cost of construction rituals at lower levels, and increased the cost of construction rituals steadily as the required level increases.[/li]
[li]Increased the cost of summoning new creatures after you have summoned 6 creatures total.[/li]
[li]Added a new option to the options menu that allows you to enable/disable surface drawing. This option is mostly used to handle performance issues with older Android devices.[/li]
[li]The demo version of Siralim now ends at level 15 instead of level 12.[/li]
[li]Continued to optimize the game “under the hood” for better performance.[/li][/ul]


[ul][li]Added 28 new artifact properties. Some examples include All Defense, Increased Chest Loot, Chance to Gain Rejuvenation When Hit, and Chance to Inflict Bleed On Hit.[/li]
[li]Removed the “Replace Ability With” property. All abilities are now granted in addition to the creature’s primary ability rather than being replaced. This change is not retroactive.[/li]
[li]Weapon artifacts now have Speed as a primary stat in addition to Attack, but the amount of Attack has been decreased.[/li]
[list][li]As a side-effect of this change, weapon artifacts that you found prior to this patch might behave strangely.[/li][/list]
[li]Shield artifacts now have All Defense as a primary stat rather than a specific defense.[/li]
[li]Reduced the maximum amount of Attack and Max Health that a stat slot can roll, and increased the average amount of defense that a single defense stat slot can roll.[/li]
[li]Reduced the primary stat values of weapons (attack) and charms (health only).[/li]
[li]Greatly increased the maximum value that certain properties can roll, such as Brimstone Bonus and Player Exp Bonus.[/li]
[li]Resource Bonus Gain properties (such as Brimstone Bonus Gain) now also affect resources acquired from chests, sigils, and arena prizes.[/li]
[li]Unique artifacts have been removed from the game. This change is not retroactive, so if you still have some in your inventory, you can keep them.[/li]
[list][li]Anywhere that you could previously find unique artifacts will now yield legendary crafting materials instead.[/li][/list][/ul]


[ul][li]The “Link” condition is now ignored if only one creature on the battlefield has it.[/li]
[li]Creatures’ Luck stat can no longer fall below 1 in battle.[/li][/ul]


[ul][li]The crafting system has received a complete overhaul.[/li]
[li]There are now over 250 different crafting materials that you can find throughout the world.[/li]
[list][li]Materials can be taken to the enchanter. The enchanting process now requires these materials to add stats to an artifact.[/li]
[li]Each material has one of three rarities: common, rare, or legendary.[/li]
[list][li]Common materials grant your artifact basic stats like attack, luck, or maximum health, and can be found almost anywhere.[/li]
[li]Rare materials grant your artifact more interesting stats like increased resource gains, a chance to inflict a status condition on the enemy, or to always have a permanent beneficial condition in battle. They are harder to find than common materials and some can only be found in certain parts of the world.[/li]
[list][li]The same rare material cannot be applied to the same artifact more than once.[/li][/list]
[li]Legendary materials grant your artifact new abilities or powerful status conditions that are passed on to the creature that is holding the artifact. They are extremely rare and most can only be found in their own specific area of the game.[/li]
[list][li]Only one legendary material can be applied to an artifact, and after it has been applied, the artifact can no longer be disenchanted, enchanted, salvaged, reforged, or tampered with in any way. These artifacts are now marked as “Soulbound”.[/li]
[li]Applying a legendary material requires a long ritual.[/li]
[li]Some legendary materials grant abilities that cannot be found anywhere else in the game.[/li][/list][/list][/list]
[li]Salvaging now gives the player crafting materials instead of resources.
[/li][li]Blacksmith’s “venturing” has been replaced with “reforging”. Reforging allows you to randomly re-roll the values of your secondary stats. This allows you to fine-tune your artifacts without having to constantly disenchant and re-enchant them.[/li]
[li]Enchanter’s “augmenting” has been replaced with “transmuting”. Transmuting allows you to convert your crafting materials into different materials.[/li]
[li]Destructible objects now have a chance to drop materials in addition to resources.[/li]
[li]Major Sigil bosses no longer drop a unique artifact. Instead, they have a chance to drop crafting materials, some of which cannot be found anywhere else.[/li]
[list][li]Since Major Sigils are no longer guaranteed to drop an extremely powerful item, they now drop a little more loot than before.[/li][/list]
[li]All Castle Quests, library text, and realm events have been updated to reflect these changes.[/li]
[li]Readjusted the resource costs of all crafting functions.[/li]
[li]Due to these changes, you can no longer press Q (default) to undo an enchantment or craft.[/li][/ul]


[ul][li]Added more decorations throughout the castle. Many of these decorations help to show what is in the adjacent room. For example, in front of the tavern are a few kegs of ale.[/li]
[li]Certain areas of the castle are no longer visible until you complete the proper construction upgrade. Many decorations and NPCs are also hidden as well.[/li]
[li]Darkened the hay tile to prevent your eyes from catching on fire in real life.[/li]
[li]You can now walk behind objects that you previously couldn’t, such as plants and armor racks.[/li][/ul]


[ul][li]The “Gather Essence” Duty now requires more essence nodes to complete.[/li]
[li]Increased the health of runaway creatures and removed their spells so that they always attack.[/li][/ul]

Mysterious Realms

[ul][li]Reduced the chance of finding a spell scroll in the Sorcery biome by 50%.[/li]
[li]When you interact with a tome, scroll, or pile of books in the Sorcery biome and it does not yield a spell scroll, they will become slightly transparent to make it easier to see if you’ve already inspected the object.[/li]
[li]This effect also happens with nomad tents in the Grasslands biome.[/li][/ul]


[ul][li]All rituals now cost a certain amount of Power to conduct.[/li][/ul]

User Interface

[ul][li]Added a new sub-menu to the Items menu which allows you to filter the type of items you wish to view.[/li]
[li]When you receive loot, the list of loot now includes tags to show what kind of item the loot is and where it will be placed in your inventory.[/li]
[li]When disenchanting and enchanting an artifact, the menu will now automatically toggle to the selected artifact even if its name changes.[/li]
[li]When deleting or consuming an item in any relevant menu, the selection will persist or move to the nearest other selection rather than always going back to the first selection on the first page.[/li]
[li]In battle, whenever you select an enemy target for attacking, diffusing, or casting a spell, the target’s health status, conditions, and its diffusion status now appear.[/li]
[li]Reduced the font size of artifact descriptions so that they better fit the interface.[/li]
[li]Increased the size of the enchantment, disenchantment, and salvage menus to better fit artifacts with long names.[/li]
[li]Shortened the descriptions of a few spells so that they better fit the interface.[/li]
[li]The gem enchantment and orb activations menus now show the respective stat belonging to each enchantment type.[/li]
[li]Reduced the delay before menu scrolling occurs from .5 seconds to .33 seconds.[/li][/ul]

Bugs/Crash Fixes

[ul][li]Fixed a bug that was introduced in Beta v10 that prevented Hardcore Mode characters from being deleted on death.[/li]
[li]Fixed a bug that caused artifacts to be renamed improperly when a new stat was added, changed, or removed.[/li]
[li]Fixed a display bug that caused the creature stats sheet to not update properly when unequipping an artifact.[/li]
[li]Fixed a bug that allowed some spells and abilities to afflict creatures with a Confused condition that never expired.[/li]
[li]Fixed several artifact display bugs where some properties were displayed as a percentage rather than an integer value.[/li]
[li]Fixed several dungeon spawning bugs that could cause objects to overlap.[/li]
[li]Fixed several crashes that could occur in battle.[/li]
[li]Creatures should no longer be able to spawn directly on top of Zenpang in the stable.[/li]
[li]Fixed a typo with the “Burn It Down” ability.[/li][/ul]

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