Siralim - Beta v6 released.

This patch includes several updates based on feedback from testers. Thanks to everyone who contributed to making Siralim a better game! The demo link has already been updated on our downloads page: If you pre-ordered the game through Humble Bundle, you should see the new build available for download within the next few hours.

Below are the patch notes for Siralim Beta v6.


  • A map is now available when you open the game menu.
    • The map is not intended to give you a full view of the entire dungeon, just a better look at your immediate surroundings.
    • The map is only activated when you cast one of two new spells: Farsight and Greater Farsight.
      • Both of these spells can be purchased from Bynine or found in the wild just like other spells.
      • The map generated by Farsight does not show anything that is covered by fog of war. Greater Farsight ignores fog of war.
      • The duration of the map persists for only one dungeon floor, then you must recast the spell again.
      • A Scroll of Farsight with 5 charges is now awarded to the player after completing the quest “Beyond These Walls”, or in your starting pack of items if you have Castle Quests disabled.


  • The blacksmith’s salvage window now displays additional information about the selected artifact.


  • If a battle drags on for too long, all of the creatures on the battlefield will become exhausted.
    • Exhaustion increases the damage received by all creatures, and this penalty will get worse each turn after exhaustion begins.
    • Players will probably not see this effect very often because it will only happen if a battle lasts for an abnormally long time.
    • This system was implemented to prevent stalemate battles between two creatures that can recover health indefinitely while being unable to ever finish off their opponent.
  • When selecting an enemy target in battle, new flavor text is displayed to indicate roughly how much health the target has remaining.
  • When diffusing an enemy creature, the battle text now displays the number of particles you already have that belong to that creature.
  • The “Burn It Down” ability now displays only one message, rather than one for each opposing creature.


  • Your character’s starting class now affects the first type of dungeon that you can access at the start of the game, rather than every class defaulting to Grasslands.
  • Spells of the same class as your character’s class now cost 50% less mana.
  • Updated the class-choosing interface with some flavor text about each class and to describe their starting creature.
  • You can no longer change your class for free by speaking to Kemikal. Instead, you must buy new robes from Bynine. Each type of robe costs 5 Exalted Emblems.


  • Realms are now generated with more varied sizes and room shapes than before.
  • Many interactive objects such as resource nodes now give fewer rewards but spawn far more often.
  • Enemy packs should now contain a wider variety of creatures.
  • The angelic buff shrine now has a tendency to spawn closer to your character.
  • The teleportation shrine now has a tendency to spawn further away from your character.
  • Enemies and non-solid decorations can now spawn in realm corridors.


  • You can now buy the following spells from Bynine: Identify Creature, Dispel, and all eight Alteration spells. Alteration spells can no longer be found anywhere else.
  • Major Healing is no longer available from Power Spells and can now be found anywhere in the world.


  • Rebalanced the level requirements and costs of most of the items found in Bynine’s shop.
  • Revamped the movement code. You will no longer stop moving if you press a different movement key.
  • When summoning a new creature, an asterisk (*) now appears next to the names of creatures that are already in your bestiary.
  • Wyverns, Fiends, Dragons, and Aspects have new overworld sprites.
  • The mouse cursor is no longer displayed when it hovers over the game window.
  • Heavily optimized the game to use far less processing power.


  • Fixed a bug that would cause certain construction rituals to disappear from the list under very specific conditions.
  • Wall torches in the castle no longer improperly block your movement.
  • You can no longer occasionally “dodge” battles by quickly passing through enemies in the overworld.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the game menu to open after taking a portal.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur if the player looted a Nether Orb.
  • Fixed a bug with the plasma bonus gain attribute that caused it to be far more effective than intended.
  • The “Pestilent Thorns” ability now properly applies the poison condition to all attackers.