Siralim - Beta v8 released.

The demo link on our site has already been updated, and if you purchased the game through the Humble widget, you’ll find the update on your downloads page in a few hours. The patch notes can be found below.


  • Changed the way the Mouth of Hell creature is acquired, but the method won’t be spoiled in these patch notes.
  • Gem Piles in the Nature biome are no longer guaranteed to drop a gem for each creature in your party.
  • Clarified the ability descriptions for many Diabolic Horde abilities.
  • Devils and Giants have new overworld sprites.


  • You can now select an option to “lock” an artifact in your inventory. This will prevent the artifact from showing up in the blacksmith’s salvaging list. Note that this option does not prevent the artifact from being destroyed manually.
  • Retuned the stat bonuses of all unique artifacts. This change is not retroactive.


  • Significantly reduced the emerald (attack) values of enemy Nether Creatures and bosses.
  • Increased the effects of the “Treasure Hunter” ability by 50%.
  • The “Inception” ability’s activation chance has been reduced from 35% to 20%.
  • The “Soul to Keep” ability now only works on the first time an enemy has died.


  • Whenever you access a vendor or facility that involves a resource-based transaction (such as salvaging, enchanting, or summoning a creature), a resource bar will appear at the bottom of the screen to indicate how much of each resource you have.
  • Added a confirmation menu for releasing creatures at the stable.


  • Completely revamped dungeon generation.
    • Dungeons are now more than just a set of corridors and quadrilateral rooms - they all have their own distinct, unique room and corridor shapes.
    • Objects can now spawn alongside walls.
    • Some objects are more likely to spawn next to other matching objects. For example, twigs/logs are more likely to spawn next to trees.
    • Treasure chests are now less likely to spawn in open areas and more likely to spawn in “out-of-sight” areas like at dead-end corridors.
    • The Sorcery biome has two new decorations: a barrel and a potion shelf.
    • The Death biome has a new decoration: a pile of skulls.
    • You can now walk behind volcanoes in the Chaos biome.
    • Reduced fog of war visibility from 6 blocks to 4 blocks.
    • Drastically reduced the time it takes to generate a new dungeon.
  • Increased the rate at which enemies grow more powerful as you descend deeper into a dungeon.
  • Enemies will now only chase you if they can see you. If you go out of their line of sight, they will stop chasing you.
    • Some objects hide you from your enemies’ view better than others.
  • Enemies will now spawn much further away from each other.
  • Duty NPCs will now spawn much further away from each other.
  • Quest NPCs now have a tendency to spawn closer to your character.
  • Increased the chance of a gem box being “lucky”.


  • Adjusted the mana and power balance costs of most spells. In general, damaging spells now cost more mana/pb and non-damaging spells cost less mana/pb.
  • The “Night Sword” spell’s damage and mana regeneration have been changed from 20% and 15% to 10% and 30% respectively.
  • The “Shellbust” spell now reduces the target’s highest defense by 40% (up from 25%) and deals 150% (down from 250%) of this reduction as damage.
  • The “Doom Bolt” spell is now only obtainable through Power Spells.
  • Reduced the average number of charges found on all spell scrolls.
  • Quills are now slightly less common.
  • Reduced the charges granted by quills from 1/3/5 to 1/2/3.


  • Duties involving runaway creatures will now properly display an update message each time a creature is subdued.
  • Fixed a display bug with Duties when you enter the arena.
  • Fixed a crash that would sometimes occur when the enemy cast the Fireball spell.
  • Fixed a few bugs that made it possible to enter the arena even when the proper conditions were not met.
  • Fixed a bug with Pandemonium King artifacts that caused part of their name to be cut off. This change is not retroactive.
  • Fixed a bug and display ambiguity with the Plasma Bonus Gain artifact property.
  • Fixed a bug that caused “Cursed Chest” Duties to count toward arena wins/losses on the character accolades sheet.
  • Fixed several bugs related to the “Resurrection Code” ability.
  • Fixed several menu-related crashes.