Siralim: Invasion has been released!

The update is currently only available on Steam to ensure that no major bugs or crashes slipped in. Steam is the easiest platform to update, so I can fix any issues very quickly this way. The update will be rolled out to other platforms in the coming days, with iOS and Playstation taking the longest since they require approval from their respective companies.


  • All NPCs and the player character have new graphics.
  • Battle backgrounds have new graphics.
  • Added a new option to the game under “Battle Speed”: Ultra Turbo Mode. Enabling this option allows you to hold down the confirm button to automatically cycle through battle commands.
  • Added 12 new creatures to the game. These can all be obtained from the original “Creature Tier” ugprades.
  • Added 12 new legendary crafting materials to the game.
  • “Crown of Haste” now also works in realms.
  • Added a new app icon.
  • More optimizations to make the game run more smoothly on low-end devices.
  • Several bug/crash fixes.

Uploaded a new patch to fix a couple small bugs and, more importantly, added new battle backgrounds.

Just uploaded the patch to the Google Play Store, so you should see it on Android in a couple hours as soon as Google is done processing the update!

Just submitted the patch to Apple, so it’s pending their review before it’s released on iOS!

A slight delay with iOS. Apparently the on-screen buttons are too confusing for the testers.

Rejection reason: “When the user presses the New Game button, nothing happens.”

Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as a New Game button and they chose to ignore the giant on-screen buttons, so I’ll have to talk this over with them and get that straightened out. Sorry for the delay!

After a team of Apple’s finest experts gathered around a cubicle and stared at the screen for 4 hours, they finally managed to find the elusive “A” button and confirmed that the game is fit for public consumption.

You should see the update become available on iOS any minute now!