Siralim is officially released!

After a year of hard work, Siralim is officially out of beta status and is a fully-released game! A huge thanks to all of our beta testers who helped improve the game by reporting bugs and crashes, and an especially big thanks to everyone who contributed suggestions to make the game more fun.

You can purchase the Windows version here:
You can try or purchase the Android version here:

Attention Android users: we need your help! Even if you do not plan to purchase the Android version, it would be a huge help if you could download it anyway and leave a rating/review. The mobile versions of the game are free by default, and you only need to pay money to remove the demo restrictions after your character reaches level 15.

The iOS version will be available soon, but we’re still waiting on Apple to review it so that it can appear on the app store. As for the Mac version, unfortunately we must delay its release due to some last-minute issues. We’ll keep everyone posted on the progress of a Mac version in the coming days.

Although Siralim is now released, we’re still going to keep updating the game and adding more content to it. We already have several large content patches planned, and we hope to support Siralim for years to come. Thanks again, everyone, and I hope you enjoy our game!