Siralim Livestream

Would anyone be interested in watching a stream of Siralim? I was thinking about doing that occasionally, and possibly streaming my recording sessions.

You can check out my stream at
My twitch remains largely unused at the moment, and I’d like to fix that and stream some Siralim!
Let me know what you think!

You may as well try it out to see if you get anyone, I would probably not be able to attend as my free hours vary so wildly but I imagine some people might enjoy it. What time and day’s were you thinking of streaming? I watched a few of your videos and they were nice to listen to in the background and got a few chuckles out of me. Would probably be good for you to post ahead of time when you plan to stream and maybe post something in the Steam Greenlight page and touch arcade discussion thread to pull some people from those sites to increase your view count.

Thanks for the ideas!
Over the past few months I’ve dabbled in streaming, and with the way things are for me right now, I can’t really keep a streaming schedule very well. As a result, I’ve pretty much given up regular streaming in favor of making content for youtube. If I do end up scheduling a Siralim stream, I’ll definitely take your suggestions into account.
I’m glad you’ve enjoyed some of my videos. Hopefully my content has improved since I began my channel, as Siralim was my first real series.

I definitely enjoyed your LP Siralim series. I watched every video. Thanks for taking the time to put so much effort into the game!

Ha! That is some dedication. It’s roughly ~13 hours of content.
I’m not sure if you saw the end of the last episode, but I do hope to return to Siralim at a later date. Hopefully whenever the graphics overhaul is out.
I kind of feel bad that people who do stumble on my series will see Siralim as it was when it was first released. Not that it’s bad, but that it isn’t an accurate representation. Watching the series from start to finish does give a unique insight into the evolution of the game, since I discuss changes as they happened throughout, but I highly doubt many people would do more than skim over whatever they first see. With that in mind, and knowing that the graphics overhaul is coming, I don’t feel like I’m doing the game justice in the meantime.