Siralim Playlists

The default music to Siralim is nice, but I like mixing things up. This is what I’ve got loaded on my playlist:

Lufia II OST

Terranigma OST

Chipzel: Spectra album

Dunderpatrullen: Keygeneration album

I like retro music, okay?

I usually just put on some Oingo Boingo, or this little number: - Because Wizards gotta wizard.

Chrono Trigger Symphony, by Blake Robinson, Vol 1-3

Soul Blazer
Illusion of Gaia

Good times, good times. I do mix it up a bit with music from Avantasia and so on, but that one above is my current “retro-list”.

Playlist of Champions (quality over quantity):
Mega Man 2, Dr Wily Stage 1 theme. You Wa Shock. Eye of the Tiger. That’s all I need, quite frankly.

Other notable mentions:
Mega Man X series (especially Storm Eagle, Bubble Crab, and Gravity Beetle)
Final Fantasy IV, First Boss Theme
Guilty Gear XX Reload, Ky
Tekken 5 (Moonlit Wilderness and Pink Pop)

I listen to Old Time Radio, myself. Currently, I’m on Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar.

Good stuff, I used to run a big band radio show a few years back.

I knew you guys were awesome. I go swing dancing every week. Big band is wonderful.

VHS Glitch

Really into this stuff these days.

[quote=“Ignatius, post:8, topic:859”]Pertubator
VHS Glitch

Really into this stuff these days.[/quote]

such good taste, so hotline miami 1 :slight_smile:

If you’ve got spotify or whatnot, I highly recommend “Two Steps from Hell” for most sandbox RPGish games. It’s epic and fits the genre well.

Edit: Also, I throw some “To The Moon” OST in there as well from time to time. Beautiful stuff.