Siralim Ultimate - Best of a Great Series

I have been a fan of the Siralim games since I grabbed the first one on mobile on a lark. Since then, the series has grown even more engaging. The writing has gotten even better, the list of creatures larger and more diverse, and the depth of play higher even as the complexity has dropped somewhat.

Even being in early access, it feels like a complete game. Hell, more than complete; it feels chock-full of great content that has me thinking up new team strategies even when I am away from the game. And sure, there’s still a laundry list of bugs, but frankly, given the thousands of possible trait interactions and all the calculations going on under the hood, there are way less than I would expect at this early stage, and the dev team is knocking them out as fast as they can.

The thing that makes Siralim so special is that it isn’t a traditional monster raising game. Brute force is almost never, by itself, a solution to any problem. In a game like Pokemon, with enough of a level advantage you tend to just sweep, even with type disadvantages. But in Siralim, traits are king, and the subtle interaction between them can be the difference between a crushing victory and a staggering defeat, regardless of initial power disparity.

Thanks to Thylacine Studios for all of the hours of joy over the years. If you haven’t decided to grab this gem of a game yet, don’t think, just do it. And if you have decided to pass on it, well… don’t let Torun’s Boot of Asskicking hit you on your way out.


Thank you for the kind words and for sticking with the series for so long! I’m happy to hear you’re enjoying Siralim Ultimate so far.

I am really, really loving the shift from breeding to fusion especially, even if it did mean having to wait longer for access to certain traits than I did in the previous games. It feels so streamlined, and I love that one of the things the base monster inherits is the class of the fused monster. It has allowed me to do some fun, funky things with my favorite team of old that were once upon a time a lot harder to set up.

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