Siralim Ultimate Beta Access Revoked

So, will I get early access? :slight_smile: Or do I have to buy it again??

If you purchased a digital release key and filled out your survey and selected Steam, you should have received your key which you can use now.

Hmm I haven’t filled out any survey :frowning: I purchased the Alpha key back in 2020

Can you PM me your e-mail so I can re-send the survey to you?

Same here. I received a key back in February which has now been revoked. Can’t use the same key again, as it is recognized as a duplicate. :confused:

Please PM me your email address!

I just got this message on a steam popup as well! “A product code you registered has been revoked from your account by the publisher.” The only option is to purchase. Do I need a new Steam key or what? I purchased this directly from the Siralim site and was emailed my key by the months ago! Anyhow, I’m sure it’s easily fixed?

Zack, you are awesome, good luck on the Early Access, the game is awesome! Thanks for fixing this so quickly!

Thank you very much!