Siralim Ultimate: Beta Development Roadmap

Here’s a list (in no particular order) of the things I’ll work on during our beta phase.

Not all of these items are necessarily guaranteed, and I might add or remove from this list at any time.

Keep in mind that this is the beta roadmap. Far more content will be added during Early Access and after the game is fully released.

  • Code System (Mailbox)
  • Gate of the Gods
  • Rodian Creature Masters
  • New specializations
  • Creature Accessories
  • New Nether Realms
  • More achievements, decorations, skins, etc.
  • Finish graphics
  • More sound effects
  • Engine upgrade
  • Mac/Linux ports

This is a late reply but could you clarify what is meant by “code system”? Is it just optimization of the software, is it something to do with in-game macros, or is it another in-game feature?

There will be an NPC or mailbox or something that will allow you to enter codes to receive items for giveaways. If you played Siralim 3, you might remember this system when you talked to Blanch the jester.

Ahhh of course, I remember Blanch fondly. Thanks!

Is the roguelike mode not on this list? It seemed to be mentioned elsewhere but I can’t for the life of me remember. Definitely fairly recently in the Discord.

This is just what I’m planning to add during beta - there’s a ridiculous amount of things that will be added in Early Access as well as after launch that aren’t listed here. The roguelike mode will probably be the last major thing I work on for the game, though.

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