Siralim Ultimate Bug - Mac OSX gamepad arrow keys not working

I bought this game recently on Steam, but I cannot play it with my gamepad on Mac OSX 10.15.
I have tried ps4 controller and switch pro controller, neither of them is working.

Please fix it or I have to refund the game sadly.

I don’t believe Switch or PS4 gamepads are supported on Mac yet, sadly. I know Xbox 360 gamepads work though, so if you have one of those you might want to give it a try. This is a limitation of GameMaker so unfortunately, I can’t add support for other gamepads on my end.

Thank you for the quick reply. I’ve checked it’s officially ‘supported’ but a little different with windows:

“It is worth noting that when using DirectInput gamepads, the constants given below may not match exactly the buttons that you expect when they are pressed, due to the fragmented and non-standardised way that the API is implemented by controller manufacturers. Because of this, it is recommend that you have some kind of gamepad setup screen in your games where people can redefine the gamepad buttons based on input from any connected to device to mitigate any issues”

From what I tested, at least gp_face1 and gp_face2 buttons are working - I can use confirm and back buttons of PS4/Switch controllers in the game, but not the left stick/d-pad. So the real question is the mapping is wrong for PS4/Switch controllers due to the reason quoted above.

I think a quick fix is to add button bindings for the gamepads - like the keyboard buttons. So we can remap the arrow buttons to correct ones.

That’s interesting - that documentation completely contradicts documentation elsewhere so this is news to me. I’ll take a look and see what I can do, thanks!

Glad to help!

Does changing Steam bindings work? I’m not sure how to change them outside of Big Picture mode, but I would think using Steam’s built-in controller remapping would work as well.

I tried but with no luck.

That’s funny, I haven’t actually tried with a PS4 controller but I thought it generally could convert it to work properly, at the very least with keyboard controls mapped.

I’ve been playing on my phone with controller buttons on-screen, so I think those are treated as Xbox or direct-input or whatever, but maybe it’s not working correctly with the PS4 controller currently, haha. I also remember there’s some other settings that mess with that stuff in big picture but can’t remember what they actually do, probably just enable/disable the configs, so maybe not helpful.

But since in-game keyboard re-binding is possible, maybe controllers will be too.