Siralim Ultimate Crashes upon Launch - Mac Error Log

Game immediately crashes when launching and then states an error " “SiralimUltimate” will damage your computer. You should move it to the Trash."
Steam says the program is active but no application icon is present in my activity monitor and it cannot be disabled at his point. At this point I restart Steam and everything seems fine.

I’m pretty sure and DO correct me if I’m wrong but this game does not support Mac yet.

Which is probably why it’s not working.

If I am right and it does not support Mac yet one way you could play this is to download a Windows emulator for your Mac and play it that way.

On Steam it Currently shows that its available for Mac OS. I thought it was odd as well but its labeled as accessible.
Edit I am wrong. Although, I could download it and I distinctly recall it saying available on Mac, I am wrong. I apologize for wasting time.

It WILL be available for Mac at some point. If I remember correctly Zack said something about Mac being a bitch to code or something.

But it will be done.

For now like I said you can use a Windows emulator to run it. From what I’ve heard it works fine.