Siralim Ultimate Crashs upon start up

System - Switch
Version - Most Recent to Date
Attempted fixes - Restarting Switch, Deleting and Re-installing,Checking for updates (none found), Moving game from Sd to system memory

Got the formating from a post on the forum with this exact same issue.

I’m having an issue where whenever I start the game under my switch profile, the game immediately crashes. I get hit with the ‘The software was closed because an error occurred’.
I believe its sumthing to do with my data. When i load up the game with another profile on my switch theres no issue. Only when i load my profile with 25 hours on it does this error keep occuring.

Please see this topic: Siralim Ultimate - Crashing Upon Startup after frequent crashes - #2 by Zack

A patch is on the way. Sorry for the crash!