Siralim Ultimate creature sprites

I remember that all of the Siralim 3 creatures’ sprites were uploaded here as a zip file, will that be the same case for the SU sprites?

Yes, just waiting for them all to be finished in another 1 to 2 months and then I’ll release them in one big batch!


I see, thanks for the answer!

Has the sprites been released @Zack ? :slight_smile: Tried searching the forums but was unable to locate anything.

Not yet - we still have 3 more races that need to be revamped for the core game, and then we have a lot of backer creatures that still need to be created. I’ll have the whole sprite pack available in a few months, hopefully!

If you join the discord and use the bot made by gma you can get a very low Rez creature sprites.

Is the sprite pack available now that the game has exited Early Access? Thanks in advance.


Awesome, thanks!