Siralim Ultimate – Dev Blog: Fusion and Other Things

Fussing seems to open up a ton of interesting team-building options. Should be a lot of fun.

I really like the idea of encountering Fused enemies in the Realms. However, there is clearly some concern about having to do too much inspection in order to figure out what you are facing. Having to inspect in a tough fight is fine (like the fight at the end of a Sigil Realm), but it might get old if every fight had unpredictable fusion.

I often find that I have teams that struggle against certain types of enemy traits and so I need to slow down and take a fight carefully when I see a certain type of enemy that my be dangerous if I fight it on auto-pilot. Currently, in Siralim 3, I can identify by image whether an enemy might warrant caution.

One possible idea would be to have Realms where (say) every enemy is Fused with a random Angel (or a random Djinn, or whatever). This provides interesting fights against Fused creatures while also giving the player a general sense of what they might be facing. (Maybe for a given team, enemies fused with Giants aren’t that dangerous, but events fused with Wights warrant caution.)

That’s a really good idea. I have the same concern, but figured we’ll see how it pans out first and adjust from there. If it turns out to be too overwhelming (I think it will be), your idea is the next one I’ll probably try. Thanks!

So, if I understand this correctly. Every creature is now a Siralim 1 Nether. Seems pretty broke from the get go.

Don’t get me wrong I completely agree with everything you wrote about the old breeding system. I like this new fusing idea (pretty sure I suggested a similar system a while back). I just am very skeptical about the ability to make broken teams basically from the start with this system.

I suggest the second trait becomes unlocked after lengthy leveling up and or other ways to unlock it that are meaningful and fun. Just giving it away at the beginning feels…hollow.

Regarding the Menagerie, I love it and hope you expand upon it. Im all for cosmetic types of unlocks like this. More more more.

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I might be alone with my opinion but I really like the breeding in Siralim 3. And I disagree with the statement that the hereditary system didnt had a big impact on your creatures.

For Example: Emlays Base attack is 20 and he gets 30% from it added to it each level (6). So he will end up with an attack stat of 614 at level 100 if he wasnt bred. But if he had an attack hereditary of +15 he would had instead a 911 attack stat at level 100, which is a difference of 297 attack. This is a huge difference in my opinion.

I also like to be able to fine tune my Creatures trough breeding, like splitting herediterys in a very specific way. The new system can be summed up like this: Take two creatures, those traits you think are good, then fuse them, slap a personality pill on it DONE. Which is not a real critique point but it seem shallow in comparision to Siralim 3s breeding system.

The breeding system itself MAY be a bit more shallow, but I don’t think its a bad thing. 2 traits and it averages the creature’s stats from both parents. Smack an artifact on there and you have a 3 traits beast, I prefer this versus just making them a stat stick. It was usually a noobgate as well, people just couldn’t grasp the system too well. We will likely see more creativity in team comps with this version which I’d much prefer anyway.

I have some problems with the breeding-system from siralim 3 - so i`m looking forward to a new system.

One little problem with siralim 3 is, that i love to grind :slight_smile: - i grind hundreds of cores of a lot of creatures - but there is no use for so much cores.

Perhaps not all people wants to grind so much cores so i speak only for me… but i would like a third optional ingredient to the fusion-system of Siralim Ultimate that i can “buy” with cores - for example a “Fusion-Core” - theses cores i could buy for 100 Cores of a Creature and it works as a third ingredient for the fusion. The Fusion-Core adds a Heredity… so 100 Cores of a Creature with high Attack and low Int will give me a “Fusion-Core” with “Attack +3, Int -3” - and i can add this to a Fusion in the new System.

That would work for me well… but i dont know if people love core-grinding like me :slight_smile:

Cores have been removed from Siralim Ultimate, so that won’t be a problem anymore.

Thanks for the info… i think i have to read more about the new Siralim… there seems to be some changes i dont know about