Siralim Ultimate – Dev Blog: Hell Knight Specialization, Development Progress Update

Thanks a lot for the update! (Given international news, these are a high point of my week )

Awesome to finally get a Chaos specialization revealed! Unfortunately, when the game releases, it is going to be really difficult to figure out what to play first. (So many awesome specialization options). Speaking of which, it is wonderful that it is becoming easier to switch between specializations with enchanted wardrobe.

Finally, it is exciting that we are only six weeks away from the Kickstarter. Thank you so much for all your hard work. I can only imagine how many hours you and your team have put in to get this far. (Side Note: May 1st is almost exactly 5 years since I purchased Siralim 1 as a birthday present for myself in 2015 … I wonder what I should get myself for my birthday in 2020 …)