Siralim Ultimate – Dev Blog: Necromancer Specialization

I assume with all of the changes to minions, that there are now some creatures that have traits which interact with minions in some ways. (That is, creatures that might be particularly interesting to consider on a Necromancer’s team.)

At some point in the coming weeks, you should tease some creatures with new/changed traits … and when you do, make sure to include something minion-related! :slight_smile:

In general, minions are much rarer than buffs/debuffs. There are a few creatures that specialize in minions (Hounds once again use Dire Wolves from Siralim 1), but the general rule is that since minions are so much more powerful than a normal buff, they’re not something you’ll be able to obtain as easily.

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That makes sense. Are there then spells that summon Zombies – or other minions? (Or if not, how do non-necromancers obtain minions?)

There are spells to summon War, Death, Famine, and Conquest. More will be added at some point for additional minions, but I’m not quite sure which ones they’ll be, yet.

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